Friday, May 31, 2013

Breastfeeding Advantages A to Z

As I mentioned on the blog's facebook page, I was going to compile a list of breastfeeding advantages for each letter of the alphabet with help from my lovely followers.  I have been attending La Leche League meetings and this was one of the activities that we did at the last meeting.  So here they are.  And feel free to comment if you have any ideas that I need to add to the list.  A big thank you to everyone who chimed in on this.

A--antibodies, asthma (less chance of), alone time (mama and baby), always available
B--bonding, breast health, built in (nothing to pack for travel), bones (shown to decrease osteoporosis later in life), beneficial to baby, mommy, and the environment
C-- colostrum, cuddle time, comfort (for both mama and baby), calorie burning, complete nutrition for baby, convenience (always the right temperature and ready when you need it)
D--digestive health, delicious (for babies), digestively efficiently fresh, easily digested (less waste), decreases risk (of obesity, cancer, etc.), does a body good
E--easily digestible, easy to prepare, ear infection reduction, ecological, economical, eats on feets
Yay for breast milk!
F--free, fresh air to the boobies, frustrating but worth it, (always) fresh, favorite of babies
G--germ prevention, guaranteed hormone induce production, getting to cuddle, good for the whole family, great for you, great source of nutrition
H-- health of mother and baby, happy hormones, hot and fresh, helps fight illness, helps reduce risk of breast cancer, healing (can help eye and ear infections)
I-- immune system booster, irresistible to a cranky baby, invaluable to both baby and momma
J-- (Getting out of) jury duty, job (because it is one in its self), just you (no bottles, no brushes, no bottle warmers, no hassle)
K-- kangaroo care, kids, knowing it's enough (not too much, not too little milk), lactation consultants (can walk you through any feeding issues)
L--lactation, lactose (and soy) intolerance fix (if you give up those parts of your diet)
M--maternal breast cancer reducer, "miracle" cure (from cancer, to ear infections, to dry skin etc), multifunctional (nutrition, comfort, etc)
N-- natural, no making middle of the night bottles, nearly perfect (Mom may have to modify her diet), never toxic
O-- ouchie fixer, oxytocin (pleasure hormone)
P-- postnatal weight loss, prevention of disease, perfect temperature, pacifier you can't lose, power food, prepared automatically
Q-- quiet time for mom and baby, quality, quality time with baby
R-- reduction of breast cancer risk, relaxation (that oxytocin rush is amazing), ready in a flash, required relaxation
S-- served at the perfect temperature, snuggle time with baby
T-- tasty for baby, higher (test) scores in school
U-- uniquely made for each individual baby's needs, uniquely designed for your baby's development, usual form of nutrition (in all mammals)
V-- very easy and convenient, valuable nutrients, vitality
W-- wholesome, waste free, weight loss
X-- X rays (greater bone density in breastfed children)
Y-- yummy
Z-- (a) zillion times easier when traveling

Be sure to comment and I can add any you guys think of to the list!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Baby Link Up: Week 32

Welcome to the Tuesday Baby Link Up!

Hope everyone had a great long weekend.  Today is already feeling like a Manic Monday around these parts.  Ugh. 

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This week I am featuring a post about The Postpartum Body and Exercise over at Even One Sparrow.  I really relate to this post as I have been doing C25K and even ran a 5K in January, but have since hit a slump and regressed.  I was so bad that it has been nearly a week since I even attempted to jog.  :(  But I am getting back with it tomorrow.  I worked too hard to sink back into my previous level of unfitness.  Check out her post!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Favorite Books at Two

Destructo is such a book worm.  I mean we knew he probably would be since both Mr. Destructo and I love reading.  But Kai could literally sit and look at/ be read to all day if we would let him.  Here are his favorite books at 2 (sob sob my baby is so grown up) years old.)

  This book was hard to find.  He checked it out at the library and fell in love with it and it isn't being published anymore.  Luckily I found it used and it should be here any day now.
 2)   I still need to get him this one.  We checked it out at the library and he is still asking for it a month after we returned it.
3)  Another library book that he fell in love with.  I love this one as well since he is learning his letters as we read it (over and over and over again.)
4) This book bores me to death, but he requests it daily.
 5)  He loves sliding the things to the side and seeing what truck is behind the "door."
 6)   We still read this book nearly every night.  I love it.
7)I read at least three Thomas books a day.  He doesn't discriminate.  He loves them all.
8)  Boring boring book that Destructo loves because it has all the construction equipment in it.
 9) My mom bought him this book and he loves it because the baby runs nakey in it.
 10)   Don't buy this book.  Just trust me on that one.  It is a noise making book.  I regret the day I bought it.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Super Duper Expanded Baby Registry Checklist

Or maybe it should be the Expanded Squared baby registry checklist?  Whatever it doesn't matter.  You can see the first edition  the basic essentials registry here.  The second edition was the expanded registry that you can see here.  This version is the luxury, bigger ticket items, the nursery decor items, and items that are for beyond the first year.

Nursery lighting
Nursery lamp
I love Kai's nusery lamp

Nursery wall decor
Nursery closet organizer
Glider and ottoman  I have a Shermag glider and ottoman and I love it.  I got it on Black Friday from Babies R Us for 149 for both pieces.
Changing table  If you aren't using the dresser top, you can opt for an actual changing table.
Nursing stool
Nursery window curtains
Storage baskets
Video monitor  I have the Summer Infant Day & Night Baby Video Monitor.  It gets the job done, but if we have a baby number two I want to get one with the talk back feature and one that is more portable.

Crib rail covers I recommend the Trend-Lab Crib Wrap Rail Guard .

Portable baby swing  I had an older version of the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing.  I used it a number of times when we were at my sister's house and it did the job.
Extra car seat base
Bundle me
Car seat toys

Nursing cover  I had one that I never used.  The Aden and Anais blankets I mentioned on the previous checklist worked so well that I just always used those.

Formula feeding
Bottle warmer  I had the Munchkin High Speed Bottle and Food Warmer.  I used it when I was pumping, but then it was just easier to heat the bottles in a cup of hot water.
Bottle sterilizer
Insulated bottle tote

Solids Feeding
Booster seat  This might be handy if your high chair doesn't convert.
Baby food maker

Wipes warmer
Potty chair  or Potty ring  I use the potty ring since the idea of having to clean a small potty chair out after a poop in it really grosses me out for some reason.
Child step stool   I have the BABYBJORN Safe Step and like it.  He hasn't managed to destroy it which is always a plus and it is quite sturdy.

Baby bath robe Adorable but completely impractical
Water temperature tester

Children's Benadryl
Toddler toothbrush
** If you have a very resistant to teeth brushing child, try and electric (battery) toothbrush.  This made all the difference with Destructo.
Toddler toothpaste
Hand sanitizer
First aid kit
**If you are planning on circumcising your boy, a few other things you might consider adding are Vaseline and gauze pads.

 Other things (aka I am tired of making new categories up
Baby laundry detergent
**I used All Free and Clear when Kai was a baby and then switched over to homemade detergent and never had problems.  It was a lot cheaper than baby laundry soap.
Toddler toys
Toddler books
** I have a number of favorite toys and books of Destructo on my favorite things page.

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