Friday, May 31, 2013

Breastfeeding Advantages A to Z

As I mentioned on the blog's facebook page, I was going to compile a list of breastfeeding advantages for each letter of the alphabet with help from my lovely followers.  I have been attending La Leche League meetings and this was one of the activities that we did at the last meeting.  So here they are.  And feel free to comment if you have any ideas that I need to add to the list.  A big thank you to everyone who chimed in on this.

A--antibodies, asthma (less chance of), alone time (mama and baby), always available
B--bonding, breast health, built in (nothing to pack for travel), bones (shown to decrease osteoporosis later in life), beneficial to baby, mommy, and the environment
C-- colostrum, cuddle time, comfort (for both mama and baby), calorie burning, complete nutrition for baby, convenience (always the right temperature and ready when you need it)
D--digestive health, delicious (for babies), digestively efficiently fresh, easily digested (less waste), decreases risk (of obesity, cancer, etc.), does a body good
E--easily digestible, easy to prepare, ear infection reduction, ecological, economical, eats on feets
Yay for breast milk!
F--free, fresh air to the boobies, frustrating but worth it, (always) fresh, favorite of babies
G--germ prevention, guaranteed hormone induce production, getting to cuddle, good for the whole family, great for you, great source of nutrition
H-- health of mother and baby, happy hormones, hot and fresh, helps fight illness, helps reduce risk of breast cancer, healing (can help eye and ear infections)
I-- immune system booster, irresistible to a cranky baby, invaluable to both baby and momma
J-- (Getting out of) jury duty, job (because it is one in its self), just you (no bottles, no brushes, no bottle warmers, no hassle)
K-- kangaroo care, kids, knowing it's enough (not too much, not too little milk), lactation consultants (can walk you through any feeding issues)
L--lactation, lactose (and soy) intolerance fix (if you give up those parts of your diet)
M--maternal breast cancer reducer, "miracle" cure (from cancer, to ear infections, to dry skin etc), multifunctional (nutrition, comfort, etc)
N-- natural, no making middle of the night bottles, nearly perfect (Mom may have to modify her diet), never toxic
O-- ouchie fixer, oxytocin (pleasure hormone)
P-- postnatal weight loss, prevention of disease, perfect temperature, pacifier you can't lose, power food, prepared automatically
Q-- quiet time for mom and baby, quality, quality time with baby
R-- reduction of breast cancer risk, relaxation (that oxytocin rush is amazing), ready in a flash, required relaxation
S-- served at the perfect temperature, snuggle time with baby
T-- tasty for baby, higher (test) scores in school
U-- uniquely made for each individual baby's needs, uniquely designed for your baby's development, usual form of nutrition (in all mammals)
V-- very easy and convenient, valuable nutrients, vitality
W-- wholesome, waste free, weight loss
X-- X rays (greater bone density in breastfed children)
Y-- yummy
Z-- (a) zillion times easier when traveling

Be sure to comment and I can add any you guys think of to the list!


  1. This is great :) The only one I can think to add is a lowered risk of allergies to food, so tack that baby onto the "A" list!

    1. That is a good one. My son thus far has no food allergies.

  2. Ah I LOVE this! Definitely agree with all! I'm a proud breastfeeding mama at Jessie Jo At Home :)

  3. I loved nursing my baby! Such a special time. I'll pass this along to my nieces who are pregnant. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing it. The days I spent nursing Kai will always be special memories to me.

  4. What a great list! Breastfeeding is so awesome, which is why I am still nursing my almost 18 month old.

    1. I made it to 20.5 months before Destructo self weaned. Just too many advantages to stop sooner!

  5. Awesome list! It's always good to be reminded of all the great things about breastfeeding!

    1. Thanks! I am glad to always have this list for new moms that might need a reminder why they are breastfeeding.

  6. Fantastic list! Will be sharing and pinning! :)

    Plus I featured it on this weeks <a href="”>Tuesday Baby Link-Up</a>! :)


  7. What a creative way to present this data! I am an extended breastfeeder of my daughter, so I'm happy to hear all of this. I'm off to share your post...

    1. We talked about this at my La Leche League meeting and I knew it was a perfect idea for a blog post since it is quick and easy to read, but really comprehensive. I love that it is interactive to with my readers since I plan on adding all the reader advantages over time.

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