Monday, May 27, 2013

Favorite Books at Two

Destructo is such a book worm.  I mean we knew he probably would be since both Mr. Destructo and I love reading.  But Kai could literally sit and look at/ be read to all day if we would let him.  Here are his favorite books at 2 (sob sob my baby is so grown up) years old.)

  This book was hard to find.  He checked it out at the library and fell in love with it and it isn't being published anymore.  Luckily I found it used and it should be here any day now.
 2)   I still need to get him this one.  We checked it out at the library and he is still asking for it a month after we returned it.
3)  Another library book that he fell in love with.  I love this one as well since he is learning his letters as we read it (over and over and over again.)
4) This book bores me to death, but he requests it daily.
 5)  He loves sliding the things to the side and seeing what truck is behind the "door."
 6)   We still read this book nearly every night.  I love it.
7)I read at least three Thomas books a day.  He doesn't discriminate.  He loves them all.
8)  Boring boring book that Destructo loves because it has all the construction equipment in it.
 9) My mom bought him this book and he loves it because the baby runs nakey in it.
 10)   Don't buy this book.  Just trust me on that one.  It is a noise making book.  I regret the day I bought it.

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