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The Expanded Edition Baby Registry Checklist

So this registry is the nice to have otherwise known as the these make your life easier registry or a third name could be I need lots of ideas since I am having four different showers and want guests to have lots of options to choose from while still getting mainly useful stuff.  Take your pick.    They are in addition to everything on my basic essentials registry from the other day.  This is where everyone has an opinion and certain things work with some babies and not others.

I will still give you my opinions on what products I most preferred either with Destructo or while I worked in the daycare.  I will also chime in on things Destructo loved or hated, but this is so variable take it with a grain of salt since all babies are different.  The last installment of the registry post will be in a few days and will be the luxury, higher price items that you might or might not include depending on your needs/wants.

Dresser  I have the matching dresser from my Baby Cache crib.  But I lucked out and got the floor model at Babies R Us for a great deal.  Yay for saving money!
Changing table pad  I have the Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad.  I really like it and it doesn't slide around on the dresser I use it on at all.
Changing table pad cover  I have a Carters brand that matches the bedding set I bought.
Aden and Anais swaddling blankets  These are so very useful.  I have used them as changing table covers, swaddles, nursing covers (which it was amazing for), sun covers in the summer, etc.  They are lightweight muslin and I love them a whole lot.
Crib mobile  Destructo loved his mobile from a very young age.  He would lay in his crib and just talk and coo to it.  My mom handmade his mobile.
Sleep sacks I used and still do use the HALO SleepSack.  I recommend putting two in each size on your registry except for the newborn size (if you registered for the Swaddlemes.)  I always had a fleece one and a cotton one since his room in cold in the winter.  Then I quickly realized I had to have two in each size/fabric since he is a very heavy wetter at night and I end up using both sleep sacks to avoid doing laundry constantly.
Swaddlemes  I have these on the other registry, but if you have a larger registry I would consider having two more on it.  I had two and made due, but there was times I had to resort to attempting to swaddle on my own (which was a scary prospect since I suck at it.)  Luckily Mr. Destructo was better at it.  If we have another, I will buy two more to have a total of four.

Infant car seat  I have a convertible car seat on the basics registry since you can use it from birth on, but I loved having an infant car seat so that when Destructo fell asleep in the car, I could easily transfer him into the house without waking him.  Plus it gave him a place to sit when we were out and about.  I had and loved the Graco Snugride 35.  He actually fit in it until 15 months when he outgrew the height limit.
Car seat mirror  I had an orange monkey mirror that Kai loved talking to as we drove.  I loved that I could glance back while he was rear facing and see if he was okay and awake or asleep.
Stroller  This one varies among parents and what they plan to do with it.  Big baby wearers might not even need one.  I have Jeep All-Terrain Stroller that I use for jogging or if we are hiking somewhere.  I want to get an actual jogging stroller since the all terrain front tire is large and picks up stones, but it works for now. I also have The First Years Ignite Stroller.  I had a cheap 20 dollar umbrella stroller, but hated it so I upgraded to this one and love it.
Baby carrier  I had and used the Moby and the Beco Butterfly II.  I loved the Moby when he was little and the Beco as he got bigger, but he never really cared for being worn much to my dismay.
** Just make sure you don't register for a crotch dangler.  See this post if you have no idea what I am talking about.

Baby Gear

Bouncy seat  I had the Fisher-Price Bouncer and really liked it.  Destructo used to just reach and reach for the frog on it because he knew it made music.  When I was at the daycare, these bouncy seats were awesome for starting babies on solids as well if you go that route (we used baby led weaning so it wouldn't have worked.) 
Pack n play  I had a Graco Silhouette Pack n Play Play.  I loved all the features it had and thought I just had to have it.  Yeah the changing table soon annoyed me and Destructo wouldn't sleep in it anyways so the vibrating feature was useless.  If I could do it again, I would go with a basic model that had the bassinet feature and nothing else and save 100 bucks.  But I will say I am glad in some ways I went with this one since Destructo is so tall and this is one of the bigger ones.  We still use it when we travel and he needs somewhere to sleep.   
Pack n play sheets (1-2)  I made due with one, but two would be nice since I have to do laundry right this second if Destructo has a diaper leak while sleeping in this.
 Jumperoo   I have the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo.  Destructo loved all the toys on it and would bounce like crazy.  But he really wasn't tall enough to use it until 6-7 months and older.
Exersaucer  I don't think you really need both a jumperoo and an Exersaucer.  I had both, but only because I was given a freebie exersaucer.  It was nice because he could go in this from 3 months on and loved to be upright. Mine was an older version of the Evenflo Splash Mega Exersaucer.
Bumbo seat  I thought I would love this since it was invaluable at the daycare when I was caring for multiple babies, but with just one we nearly never used it.  I did have the attachable tray and used it occasionally as a makeshift high chair when we were at friends houses.
Rock n Play  Some people swear by this.  I didn't have one and never missed it since Kai was a swing addict.  Just thought I would mention it in case it interests you.

Warm/Cold breast pads My go to was NUK/Gerber Warm Or Cool Relief Pack.  I used to heat them up in the microwave to help with clogged ducts.  Soothies were also nice when I had cracked, bleeding nipples from the early days of breastfeeding.  They actually stick onto you and helped a lot.
** I also heard really good things about the Lansinoh Pearls pack but have never tried them out myself.   Also you can add more breastfeeding supplies than my bare essentials registry has on it because you will go through lots of breast pads, milk bags, etc.

Formula feeding
Medium flow nipples I never switched Destructo from slow flow nipples since he exclusively breastfed for his entire first year, but with formula feeding you might need to go up nipple flow.
 Fast flow nipples
Formula holder
Bottle drying rack I have and highly, highly recommend the Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack.  It was awesome and they even have a tree and flower that are made to hold the smaller parts like nipples, rings, etc.

 Solids feeding
High chair   I had the Graco DuoDiner.  It reclines and converts into a booster seat for toddlers that can sit on your kitchen chair.  It can also be used with the tray similar to a space saver high chair.  I love it.  The cover comes clean just by throwing it in the washer and has held up very well to many washings with no stains.
Toddler plates  I used Munchkin 5 Pack Multi Plate mainly until he had a love of trains and then I got him a few Thomas plates/bowl sets. 
 Toddler bowls   I used Gerber Graduates Bunch-A-Bowls.  They come with lids and are great for storing food on the go and the perfect size for baby/ toddler snacks.
 Sippie cups  These were the first sippy cups I used when Destructo was first learning to drink from a cup Playtex The First Sipster.
I liked that they had two handles for easy holding and never leaked.  As he mastered sippy cups and drinking from a straw, we transitioned to Playtex Insulated Twist 'n Click Straw Cup.  I loved that they are insulated so it keeps his drink cool when we are out and about and I never have leaks with these.
 Baby spoons  We used Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon.
 Toddler silverware  We use Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery.  I looked everywhere for a set that was just fork and spoon or a three pack of spoons and forks separate with no luck.  What toddler needs a knife in their cutlery set?  But they have them now which made me do a bit of a happy dance the other day when I found them.. 
Toddler feeding bibs  I love all the different bibs by Bumkins.
Reusable pouches  These could be useful if you are into making your own baby food or toddler pouches.  I like the brands I have tried.  (You can see the reviews in an older post on here if you are interested.)
Dishwasher basket

Diaper pail
Diaper pail refills
**You can add more boxes of diapers and wipes and ointments if you so choose and even go up to bigger sizes depending on how many items you want on your registry.

Baby bath tub   I have the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath Center and liked it a lot when Kai was little.  As he got bigger, it was just easier to give him a bath in the regular tub. 
 Bath toys
Bath tub toy organizer    If you want something like this.
**You can also add more baby wash, lotion, etc if you need more items on your registry.

Humidifier  We have the Vicks Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.
Baby Advil
Baby Tylenol
Saline drops

White noise machine   We have the "baby crack machine" otherwise known as the HoMedics  Soundspa.
Destructo also loves this Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse.

Baby play mat
Baby books
**See this post for some of Destructo's favorite toys from 0-6 months old with links.

So let me know what you think needs to be added to my awesome registry checklist.  I am sure I have missed something since I was up most of the night last night.  I still have a final edition that will be big ticket items, items that you use as the baby gets a bit older such as potty training stuff and older baby toys, and nursery decorative/organizational ideas.

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