Monday, May 13, 2013

When Your Kiddo is in a Cast

I got this biggest compliment when we went to have Destructo's "llellow cass" taken off.  The person who took it off said we did a great job in keeping it clean and dry.  I worried so much over this when he first got it because he is all boy and loves to get dirty and make messes and  bathing and showering was going to be a pain.  I figured I would share all my worldly wisdom with you guys in case you ever have toddlers in arm casts.

First off I only gave Kai baths twice  a week as opposed to every other night (sometimes more if he is outside all day.)  I decided not to use sun screen for outside time unless it was going to be an extended period where there was any chance of him burning.  Luckily it is still early in the season so bug spray hasn't been necessary.  This helped a lot since he seems to get dirtier  when he is wearing sunscreen since I like to really goop it on to keep him from burning.

I also wiped the outside of the cast down with a very lightly damp rag every evening after I would wipe Destructo down.  I also learned that I could hold him up in the tub so I could wash the lower and dirtier half of his body down to extend time in between actual baths.

But my best helpful tip is to use baby legs such as these over the cast. 
The baby legs helped protect the cast from any moisture such as toilet playing, sippy cup spills, puddle jumping that an active toddler likes to get into.  They kept the cast from getting as dirty as quickly.  They softened the cast up a bit and kept Destructo from scratching his face up when he slept on his arms.  They helped soften the blow when he used his cast like a battering ram.  He liked it because he could pick what design he wore since I have a ton of baby legs.  They just came in oh so handy and I got a ton of compliments on how awesome they looked over his cast.
Sharks baby leg/ cast cover

As for bathing, Destructo is on a shower kick and after my bag leaked during a bath one night, we went to showering as our method of fighting the grime battle.  I took two extra large kitchen gloves   and cut the sleeve off one.  I used this waterproof tape.  I tried a few other brands, but this one by a landslide worked best.  I taped the sleeve to the other glove and made it long enough to fit his entire arm.  I would then slide this over his cast and tape it with two strips of tape to his arm.  I put a baby leg at the tape just in case water seeped inside to help absorb it.  You see what I mean about the awesomeness of baby legs.

Then I took an umbrella bag that I got from Target one day when I was shopping and put it over the the yellow glove.  I was using small trash bags but they didn't work as well as the umbrella bag.  I hung it to dry and reused it each time.  I put that on and taped it to his arm with another two to three strips of tape.  Then he was ready to go.  It was pitiful though as he would cry "I hate this part.  I hate this part" anytime we had to get this contraption back off.  :(
Ready for his bath

I only had one incident of water leakage and that was when I used a different tape that didn't work as well.  Showering seemed better because we didn't submerge the arm as much.  Overall much to my great joy, having a cast on an active toddler really wasn't the end of the world.

Destructo quickly adjusted to life with his cast and was actually sad to get it taken off.  He argued with us for days that they couldn't take it off.  He even went so far as to tell us "NO casss offf.  Baby boom swing nother cast."  My child I tell ya.  So if you are reading this right after learning your child has to get a cast, fear not.  It was actually no big deal at all.

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