Monday, June 3, 2013

Fun Days in the Summer Sun (and and a Giveaway)

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With summer time just around the corner pretty much here I figured what better time to showcase my must haves for the cloth diaper baby in your life.  So to start with what to I recommend doing diaper wise while traveling.  If you know you have laundry facilities, you can just cloth diaper like you normally would.  But if you aren't sure how available a washing machine will be, you can always try out a hybrid option with disposable inserts.

I would recommend Grovia hybrids.  The shells are reusable if it is only a wet diaper and could be easily hand washed.  The disposable inserts are quite absorbent and I have had good luck with them in the past.  They also biodegrade a lot quicker than a disposable diaper would and are bleach free.

Photo via:  Kelly's Closet

So say you have a vacation at the beach planned.  What does your little fluff butt aficionado need now?  Well a swim diaper and rash guard of course!  
I have used Bummis swim diapers since Destructo was three months old and am still loving them.  They are one of the few swim diapers I found that have velcro and come off like a diaper as opposed to underwear.  I love that for poop messes so I don't have to slide them down, but can lay Destructo down and change him like a regular diaper.  Even when he was exclusively breastfed, I never had a poop leak.  

Photo via:  Kelly's Closet

Modeling his Bummis swim diaper at 3 months old

Helpful hint:  In a pinch, you can use any cloth diaper cover as a swim diaper

To keep your sweet baby from looking like a lobster, I highly recommend getting a rash guard. I had no idea what this was until last year when I read about it somewhere. They work well. No matter how long we stayed on the beach last October in Destin, he never got the slightest bit tanned let alone burnt.

Another summer must have is sunscreen.  I have used Badger and California Baby and of the two I prefer Badger.  But the one I am planning on trying this year is Episencial sun screen.  I have read many reviews on it and people really seem to like it.  They say it rubs in and doesn't leave a white residue which I like and it is also a few bucks cheaper.  When I order some and try it, I will report back!

Finally a sun hat to protect your sweetie's head since if they are anything like Destructo they have fine hair and would easily get burned.  I have a huge wide brimmed hat that Destructo refers to as his zoo hat that is amazing, but it is a heavy jean like material that wouldn't dry quickly.  So I plan on ordering a My Swim Baby hat. I could say it is because I read reviews, or had one last year that was similar that I loved, or the price is right.  But it would all be a lie (even though those facts are true.)  I am ordering this one solely because it has a turtle on it.  

Oh and two more things I thought of after I originally published this post are bug spray and also a wet bag of some sort to store the wet clothes in after water play.  

So now that you have all the summer essentials, what are your plans for this summer?  I have created a bucket list for summer this year.  I want to go to the beach (which we will on vacation), take a night time walk, get ice cream on big waffle cones (and try really hard not to think of the sugar Destructo is ingesting), go canoeing, camp for at least a night or two, go to our local splash playground a few times, swim nearly daily in our pool (assuming we ever get it fully opened), and draw on the sidewalk with chalk.  I am sure I will come up with more things, but those are the first ones on my list.

Oh and for those of you that want to get these summer essentials and want a coupon code, check it out!  It isn't available on the Kelly's Closet site, but is here for my awesome readers to use!  Yay for saving money and getting adorable summer gear.

All you have to do is use coupon code SUNANDFUN over at Kelly's Closet to save 5 dollars on 25 ore more.  They are also giving away a 100 dollar gift certificate.  You know how much fun it would be to go on a shopping spree with that?  I could get all my summer gear and the tiger striped Fuzzibunz for my Daniel Tiger fanatic!  You can enter below.
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