Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stripping with RLR (with pictures)

For more info on stripping with other methods, check out this post.

First step is you click here and order your RLR capsules.   They also come in a pouch, but I always order the two pack since I have enough diapers to have to do around three loads.

Then, you sprinkle the entire pack/capsule over top of you clean diapers.  (Always start with clean diapers when stripping.)
Sprinkle, sprinkle, little RLR how I wonder what you are

Next you let the diapers soak for an hour or so in the hot water/RLR.  
Tons of bubbles nearly an inch deep in some places

After they soaked for an hour
Next you keep doing hot washes until you see no more soap suds and the water is fairly clear after you let it agitate for a few minutes.  Now my washer always does a cold rinse after a hot wash so if I am busy I do hot, cold, hot, cold.  But this is a bit of a water waster since I only check for suds with hot washes.  So I try to leave my pantry/utility closet door open and listen for it spinning and stop the cycle before it can rinse with cold water.  Typically it takes about 3 hot rinses to get all the soap out, but if they have a lot of buildup it can take more.  Today it took me six hot water rinses (and one cold that I didn't catch in time) to get all the soap suds out.  I hadn't stripped in a very long time and we have hard water and I use ointment with nearly every diaper change since Destructo has very sensitive skin so I do have more build up than some.

Still a good amount of soap and cloudy water

Still soap

And still soap
And yet again still soap
No soap suds and clean water!  Yay done!

Okay so there you have it, easy peasy.  I prefer RLR stripping to blue Dawn because typically it takes about half the rinse cycles and saves me water.  Now onto the more pressing question for my readers. How do you recommend cleaning your washer?  I have ran hot water with bleach through and there is still lots of stuck on grime as you can tell from the pictures.  I want to clean it next weekend when I am finished stripping my diapers.  Share your tips, tricks, and wonder cleaners with me.

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