Monday, July 1, 2013

Ahh Vacation

In case anyone has noticed a decided lack of posting in Destructo Land, it is because I am on vacation. I had big aspirations that I would get all caught up on blog related things while Destructo napped since I would be house bound. What I failed to account for was my love of fishing and the fact that we are staying on a lake. Yeah those fish just scream my name during nap time. So sorry for the neglect. I will be back to my regularly scheduled posting late next week.

 And while we are talking about vacations, tell me about your favorite vacation memories!

Here is something I have been working on in my head while I fish.  I might add to it later who knows!

Vacation is:
Filthy hands, sandy feet, slamming screen doors, and a bonfire with smores.
Waking up early, staying up late, hunting under logs to catch some bait.
Snakes, snails, and big fish tales.
Muscles that are sore (especially me right now since I have been jogging/walking/ running stairs taking full advantage of the twenty degree cooler weather to prep for my mud run at the end of the month) and walking to the ice cream store.
Catching a fish, sharing a delicious dish, catching a firefly and making a wish.
Sunscreen and bug spray, fishing and lazing the day away.
Watching the sun set and catching minnows in a net.
Listening to the call of the loons and walking the Sleeping Bear Dunes.
Walking the shore looking for a petosky stone and eating a delicious ice cream cone.
Seeing an eagle sore and hearing the local lore.
Making memories that last and reminiscing about the past.