Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm So Excited for the Fluff Fairy!

My very favorite cloth diaper store Kelly's Closet has started an awesome new program.  I can not wait to get one although I might be waiting for awhile since Destructo is nearly fully day time potty trained and Mr. Destructo might actually kill me if I buy any more cloth diapers.  Sob.  Sob sob.  But not to worry too much, I have a baby nephew on the way whom I can buy cute cloth diapers for.  

Anyways what I am so excited about is the Fluff Fairy program.  You go to the link and buy that month's package.  It will vary each month, but will be a complete diapering system.  The price will also vary each month.  Included in the package with the diaper you will also get three diapering accessories or samples such as detergent samples, wipes bits, wipes, lotion, or other fun accessories or cloth diaper advocacy gear.

I have seen similar packages on other sites and always wanted to try them, but didn't want the monthly subscription since just because I have extra fun money one month, that doesn't mean I always do. No need to worry about that with this program. It is a buy by the month. haha I could be Dr. Seuss. You just go to the Fluff Fairy page and buy it any month you are interested.

There will be hints each month about what type of diaper you will receive so you can decide if you want to buy it or not. Plus shipping is free. But wait... included with each Fluff Fairy package you buy is the fact that you will earn diaper dollars!

So what are you waiting for, head on over and get your fluffy surprise today! They are only available for one week each month while supplies last so hurry!