Thursday, July 18, 2013

More and More Destructoisms

Crackers are trackeee.

He walked into Cracker Barrel yelling "I luv Crack Baby! I loovveee Crack Baby!" the other day.

Pickee is picnic which is he obsessed with lately.

As we went to get into the shower the other day, he looked at me and said "Thas momma's boos (boobs).  Momma's boos funny."  Thanks son.

He likes to run around pretending to fly and saying "I Baby Supah Kai."  He has a cape shirt he loves to wear, but even when he doesn't have it on he will just grab a pretend cape off the ground and put it on and fly.

Chicken nuggets are chickie nuh nuh's.

He had to have his arm re Xrayed and screamed and kicked and thrashed.  It took me and two nurses to hold him down.  As we left he screamed to all the kids in the waiting room "XRay chomp you."  I couldn't figure out why until days later when he finally explained.  Well he has been fascinated with alligators lately and apparently there was alligators in the Xray machine that were going to chomp his fingers off. 

On vacation we went for a walk to get ice cream.  On the way back he was dawdling so slowly that Mr. Destructo decided to carry him.  This ticked Destructo off and he was so mad and when he finally realized he wasn't getting his way he said this:  Dada fly away on a away to Michie (Michigan.  Go up to the sun.  Bye bye.  Bye byeeeeee.  Go up in a tree.... like a monkeee...oooh ooh ahh ahh..... Fall down in the road and get a lellow casss....  Eye roll, nothing like dramatics there Kai.

The other day he tried to follow Mr. Destructo outside, but he didn't have pants or shoes on.  Mr. Destructo told him to turn around right now.  He literally started spinning circles at the back door.  We died laughing.

He told his beloved Auntie Kara "Katah you pain in the butt." 

This is a story he recently told me.  "I need a gun"  I replied "Why do you need a gun?"  He replied "I need a gun.  I got shoot a tukey with my gun.  I eat the tukey all up yum yum yum yum.  I go Crack Baby get lunch."  This is hilarious since he not only remembered his daddy going turkey hunting, but also remembered that the field he was hunting in was next to a Cracker Barrel.

Everything is yummy in his tummy while showing you his belly.

He was being a scaredy cat one day and I said why are you so scared.  He replied "I big chicken bawk bawk."

He still threatens  to fall off another swing and get another lellow cass.

Anything he doesn't like, that annoys him, that he doesn't get his way, etc he tells to fly away in an airplane.

He pretends to take my sister's baby out of her belly and take care of him.  Or throw him in the water.  Either way.