Monday, July 22, 2013

My house used to be clean

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am having a slight pity party over the state of the cleanliness of my house.  I used to mop my floors every other week and even when life was crazy it was still at least once a month.  Now I am just happy if it is done at least once every three months and/or there isn't noticeable dirt on them.

 My bathrooms were cleaned each and every weekend except for tubs and those were scrubbed typically every other week although I will fully admit this is my least favorite chore and the one I put off the longest.  Now my shower gets scrubbed when my mom gets bothered by it and does it or when Kai poops in the tub.  Oh wait Kai doesn't take baths anymore.  He is too big a boy for that.  He also doesn't poop in the shower.  I guess that means my tub doesn't get cleaned.  (I kid slightly on that.  I do clean my tubs, but not nearly as often as I should.)

My kitchen was deep cleaned once a week.  I mean I wiped walls and doors down and cleaned the fridge out, all that good stuff.  Now I cleaned the fridge out completely once since Christmas and it was quite the feat.  Walls and doors getting wiped down are laughable.  My microwave stays pretty clean only because this bothers my mom the most I think.  I scrub my sinks sometimes.  I will say I am actually better about cleaning the kitchen nightly (and by cleaning the kitchen I mean at least washing all the dishes and sometimes wiping counters/table down.)  This is because I feel guilty having my family watch Kai with dishes piled up everywhere not because I am effectively managing anything.

I can still say I vacuum as much if not more than before Kai.  We have a very sheddy long haired dog and a white haired cat.  It is awful if I don't vacuum nearly daily.  What I can't say I do is clean the windows.  I mean I recall doing this all the time before Kai.  Now as long as I can see out the window, hey I am happy.

So tell me those that are stay at home mom's, is there a light at the end of my dirt tunnel?  Do you manage to find a cleaning schedule that works and actually have a clean home?  I mean I am not talking the legos we are all stepping on or the dump trucks we skateboard on.  I don't mean the crayons we find scattered high and low or the teddy bears we find using the potty in the bathrooms.  This is normal kid clutter that a lot of the time makes me smile.  You know when it isn't inflicting bodily harm on me and my loved ones.  ::glares at the darn cutlery from Kai's play kitchen::  I am talking more getting in a groove and having a fairly clean/sanitized house a lot of the time.  I hope to stay home soon/one day.

But just know even with all my dirt and mess, the little boy that has inhabited this household makes every dog hair dust bunny, every disgusting wall that is smeared with food, paint, and dry erase marker, every shower floor that makes me cringe well worth it.  I mean I might miss my clean house some days, but I wouldn't trade one second with my little man for a live in maid.  Okay maybe a couple seconds I would trade, but that's it.  I swear.