Monday, August 12, 2013

Ammonia Woes

As I have prefaced in many posts, I have had ammonia build up problems before with my cloth diapers.  We have incredibly hard water where I live and this leads to mineral build up even with a great wash routine which then leads to ammonia build up.  I had no problems until solids started and Destructo got closer to a toddler.  But as his pee got more concentrated, my diapers started reeking of ammonia.

I tried so many things to fix it.  I sunned my diapers more even though I was already doing this any time the sun was out and they were wet.  I ran the diapers through three hot washes with no soap.  I tried many different detergents because I knew that ammonia buildup was also usually caused and/or complicated by soap buildup.  I tried more soap, I tried less soap.  I tried vinegar (which I later learned isn't recommended in hard water.)  I tried adding in boiling water to increase my water temps.  I tried Funk Rock which fixed the problem temporarily, but then the ammonia came back.  As a last ditch resort, I even went so far as to use bleach with my diapers which worked for about two weeks until the ammonia came back.
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It got so bad that my poor baby was getting rashes caused by the ammonia and I nearly quit cloth diapering.  Luckily I am the most stubborn person out there and refused to be defeated by ammonia.  So after much advice, scouring internet articles, and trial and error I came up with a few tips and tricks that helped mainly eliminate my ammonia woes.  In his overnight diapers I still occasionally can catch a whiff of ammonia but it isn't strong at all and I can live with this as long as it isn't every diaper and causing rashes.  He does wear those diapers for 12+ hours so I assume this is normal.

Okay before first and foremost since I just thought I should have included this after I typed all of it, I would recommend stripping your diapers so that you are starting with very clean diapers.  My preferred method is stripping with RLR.  First and foremost, I found rinsing all diapers even just the pee ones helps.  Secondly I no longer zip my wet bag closed but leave it open 24/7 to let oxygen circulate and help prevent ammonia from building up.  If one of his overnight diapers smell really strong, I will actually let the inserts soak in water in my bathroom sink for a while.  So basically rinse, rinse, rinse. 
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Then you repeat the rinse, rinse, rinse while washing.  (To read my washing routine in detail, click here.)  I do a warm rinse first.  Warm seems to work much better than a cold rinse at getting extra urine/ammonia out of the diapers.  I was concerned with staining of my diapers from the warm rinse, but I found that it isn't anything that a good sunning won't take out.  I then do an entire extra wash cycle with a hot wash/cold rinse as the final rinse.

Calgon Water Softener Liquid  is a life saver as well.  I add a half a cap in the hot wash and then a half a cap in the hot rinse.  I didn't actually think this was helping until I stopped using it and the ammonia got worse again.  It makes a huge difference even if it isn't super noticeable at first.  This is especially true if hard water is what is causing your ammonia woes.

A final product that I have to recommend is Grovia mighty bubbles soap.  This is something I will use every other month or so for a wash or two as a method of reducing build up from the hard water.  It seems to really help as I notice less odors immediately after using it.  You just throw a pack of it in in place of your normal detergent.
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I hope these tips and tricks helps you battle your ammonia woes.  It was a lot of trial and error, but I finally got a place where I feel like I know what I am doing haha.  You know until something else comes up and I realize cloth diapering is always a learning experience.

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