Thursday, August 8, 2013

Are you Ready for some Football??????

I sure am.  Oh yeah first preseason game.  I am psyched.  My dad has awesome season tickets.  Fourteen rows from the field right in between the goal posts.  I can never buy cheap seats now that I have sat there.  I always end up just waiting for a game that I can buy tickets from him and his friends.  I can't wait until Kai gets to go to his first game.  He will love the atmosphere and camaraderie.  If only he can stop calling it a home run.  

It is a Sunday tradition to me to watch football while cutting coupons.  Now that Destructo exists, it is a bit harder to cut coupons while he is awake so it is more like listening to the game while I chase him around.  I do miss this.  I used to get my entire shopping list of coupons cut while the game was on and then right after I would go shop.

So which teams are your favorites?  Are you a tail gater?  And better yet, what is your favorite stadium foods?  I am a hot dog lover by far.  Although nachos are up there in my book as well.  Lemonade too.  Yummm.

Destructo's first Super Bowl

Who you looking at?

Youngest Titans fan!