Monday, September 23, 2013

Ohh the clutter

Since getting pregnant, it has been like my clutter radar has went into high gear.  I can't stand the clutter and want it gone yesterday.  I know a big part of this stems from the fact that I will be quitting my full time job in December and staying home full time with the kiddos yay!!!  But mainly I worry that I won't be able to watch Kai like a hawk like I have to do now to keep him from getting into the piles of clutter.  (I mean we aren't going on Hoarders anytime soon, but we have way too much clutter.)

Add into this the fact that what is currently our office/guest room is going to become a big boy fire truck bedroom for Destructo so the new baby can have Kai's current nursery for it's room and I am losing my mind.  How are we supposed to condense an office and guest room into the rest of the house?  Well you guessed it even more decluttering.  We currently have four book shelves in that room.  I hope to find bunk beds (which Destructo has very loudly declared he must have) to match the wood of the shelves so I can leave the two with doors in the room in the corner in an L shape to not take up a whole lot of floor space.  I can use these to store all his billion books and then the doored areas for toy storage.  The bunk beds we are going to get have two under bed drawers and then stairs on them that have drawers built into them.  So yay for probably not having to have a dresser since clothes can be stored there.  One shelf can go in our bedroom along with the computer on a corner desk.  Luckily we have a large master bedroom.  Then we will have to sell one shelf or put it in the garage.

I have made progress since this picture but still a lot of junk in the office
Another thing I plan on doing is to divide Destructo's toys in half and rotate them every few month.  He has tons of toys and that way he always has "new" toys.  We used to do this at the daycare and the kids loved it.  If this baby is a girl, I will have a ton of attic space since all ten crates of boy clothes and three crates of shoes will go.  I plan on letting my sister keep what she wants for her son and selling the rest.  I literally have too many clothes and could have clothed triplets probably.  Then with the money from selling them, I can buy girly clothes.  Even if this baby is a boy, I will still free up room in the attic since as the baby things come down from the attic, they won't go back up since we are done with babies after this one.  If this baby is a boy, I also plan on taking all the crates down and organizing them since I just packed them away with no rhyme or reason to it so that I can easily take down 0-3 months or NB sizes and not have to dig through all ten crates.

The clutter in the rest of the house is going to be my biggest challenge.  We have boxes of stuff that neither one of us seems to know what to do with.  It has to go since I can't have Destructo getting into who knows what when I am milk cowing it up on the couch with a newbie.  I get overwhelmed when I look at it and just think about trying to figure out what to do with it.  But I am making progress.  I have a huge bag to go to Good Will, a laundry basket full of things of some value that I am trying to sell on Craigslist (and if no luck then they will go to Good Will as well, and then two smaller bags of clothes to go to my sisters.  I look at each mountain of stuff that will be gone in two weeks as a huge win in the war against clutter.

So what are you decluttering tips and tricks?  Any words of wisdom for me?  I truly hope that come December when I quit my job, I am still feeling fairly well and able to get a lot of it done then since I will have a bit more time.  I will only be 26 weeks when I quit.  We shall see.