Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ohh the Destructoisms

He calls helicopters up skies.  And the noise they make is up up up up up up up up.  Motorcycles are motorpsychees and they say a sound that sounds like motor motor motor.  

He informed us today that his new baby cousin drinks milkie.  He is too little for food still.  This of course is while we are eating dinner and encouraging Kai to eat all his food so he can teach Liam how to eat all the food and grow big and strong (and by all the food I mean anything since Destructo is an awful eater.)  Destructo then out of the blue told us "yeah baby Lee Lee drinks milkie from Dayn Dayn's boob."  I nearly choked.  Then I came even closer to choking when he informed me the Steelers also get their milk from Dayn Dayn.  

Speaking of the Steelers, they are his favorite team.  We are firmly a Titan household.  I might have to disown him.  The night Titans beat the Steelers Destructo informed my dad that the "Steelohs are in the lockie room cwying."  He might listen to me better than I thought.  Oh and he is also a Yankees or Ankees as he calls them fan.  No one in this house is a Yankees fan.  He pretty much finds out who we are rooting for and then goes the opposite way.  

I saw a particular group he likes was coming to the theater near us.  I asked him if he would like to go and he said "Momma I would loveeee dat."  I will be in hell this Saturday.  Just in case you were curious.

In trying to get him to say yogurt properly, Mr. Destructo was breaking it down.  Say Yo Kai says yo perfectly.  Say gurt, Kai says gurt.  Say yogurt.  Laylay.  I laughed.  I dread the day he says it right.  It is so cute.

Just now he told us he doesn't like the Red Sox.  He likes the tiger team.  They are playing the Orioles which have black and orange on their clothes.  Creative I tell ya.

Apparently he is also bad to da bone.  That is new as of tonight.

He calls his future baby brother (even though we don't know if it is a boy but in his mind he is certain)  Zecharioh.  Cutest mispronouciatian ever.

He is the world's biggest back seat driver.  And has an amazing sense of direction.  I like this because already he is as good (and most likely better) than me.  Yay for my toddler being able to get me home when I am lost.