Monday, September 2, 2013

Ten Random Facts about Me

Here are ten random facts about my dreams or goals for life.  I am a weirdo.  I already know that.  :)

1)  It is a dream of mine to see a whopping crane in the wild.  These birds were nearly extinct at one point and due to some serious conservation efforts, have made a come back in recent years.  They are huge!  I can't imagine how cool it would be to see one in real life.

2)  I want to own a thoroughbred race horse one day.  Even if it is just a cheap claimer that I use as a backyard companion.  I would love to hit the lottery and own a thoroughbred breeding farm one day.

3)  I want to go back to school to become a lactation consultant.  I hope this will happen.  We shall see.

4)  I want to go back to Costa Rica for a few weeks.  There is so much we didn't get to see or do in the week we were down there on our honeymoon.  I hope to go back for maybe our ten year anniversary.

5)  I want to own a small farm one day.  With chickens.  Chickens are awesome.  Eggs from the chickens are even more awesome.

6)  I would love to get into dog agility one day.  My dog right now shows a bit of talent towards agility and I really wish I had done more with her but I just don't have the time.

7)  I will one day go to all three Triple Crown races in one year.  On the same note, I want to go to all the major race tracks in the US before I die.

8)  I want to ride a horse at Churchill Downs.  This will probably never happen.  But hey I can dream.  I just can't imagine the joy of galloping a horse around the oval and coming down the stretch even if it is just me and my horse.  Obviously I am not a jockey haha.

9)  Those fifty top birds you need to see in your lifetime list.  Yeah I want to see them all.

10)  I will go to Australia one day.  Yes I will.