Monday, September 9, 2013

Worst Feeling Ever

When your baby is sick and there is nothing you can really do to help.  Destructo has hand foot and mouth.  He has only been really sick one other time and that was with an ear infection.  At least that time, there was something I/the doctor could do since he got antibiotics.  This time it is a virus and it is just treat for fever and pain and wait for it to run its course.  And wouldn't you know it, my son gets it when it is a very bad strain that caused high fevers and lots of spots.

So far he doesn't have any in his mouth so that will be nice if it continues.  He has a few on his neck, hands, and feet and one on his face.  My poor baby.  He feels awful and has just laid around all day long.  I am taking a half day off of work tomorrow even though my sister keeps him just to rock him all day if that is what makes him feel better.

Under two blankets shaking horribly from fever

Turned into flat out on his couch falling asleep at six 
So any miracle cures for hand foot and mouth?  My poor pitiful little thing.