Monday, October 28, 2013

More and More Destructoisms

Him and Mr. Destructo were fighting over who got to feel the baby moving.  Mr. Destructo said "Son I made that baby.  I can feel him whenever I want."  Destructo replied "Daddy God made dat baby.  I can feel him whenever I want."  I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants.  You know which wouldn't take much while pregnant.

My grandma told him if he ripped his lovey in two we would have to throw it out.  He replied "Gigi can't throw trash on the innerstate."  Oh so true since we were driving down the interstate at the time.

While playing with a Little People set I had when I was a kid, he said "Baby Lee Lee save da people"  Apparently there was a big fire and he and Liam were fire fighters.

He is a bunny rahrah all the time now and hops everywhere we go.  Until he turns into a whale and does flips in the tub slinging water everywhere.

I very well might have scarred him for life by letting him watch Land Before Time.  He sobbed like crazy when the momma died in it.  I then cried along with him dang pregnancy hormones.  I never realized he was perceptive enough to understand all that.  Then he asked what happened to him if me and Mr. Destructo died.  Nothing like telling your two year old that he would be raised by your sister and her husband.

He is still very much obsessed with fire fighters and fire trucks.  In fact, he is going as a fire fighter for Halloween and his big boy room is going to be fire truck theme.

Anytime I say anything hurts, he kisses it better and asks me "Bettah momma?"  Melts my heart.

He says " I always be your baby momma?"  I think he is worried knowing a new baby is coming.  Sweet boy.

He tried to elicit extra treats and snacks out of us by picking, eating his snack, but then telling us he didn't pick that one and he hates that one.  I hate him saying hate.  Good try Destructo but it isn't going to work.

He likes fighting with his daddy doo (as he calls him) and then throwing his Hulk hands across the room and yelling "I WIN!!!"

He was horrified that I was feeding his precious baby Lee Lee out of a bottle because milk comes from boobies.  I had to explain that only Liam's mommy could breastfeed him.

He is obsessed with green dinosaurs and has a green dinosaur hat that he likes to run up and chomp people with.  The day we got it, he threw himself face down on the sidewalk and pretended to eat grass.  Apparently he was an herbivore that day.

After taking his temp the other day, I told him he had no fever.  He said "Hoo hooo no fevah.  No more germies."  He doesn't like germs because they keep him away from his beloved science center.  But what he doesn't understand is if he would quit putting the fake food in his mouth there, he would get far less germs.

He breaks into song when we are going places.  It is always "We going to (insert where we are going here) times there all day long."

He pretends to be a baby all the time since my nephew was born and has the most annoying newborn like cry.  I have four and a half more months before I need to hear that.  :)