Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Naming a Child

Naming a child surely has to be the hardest thing you have to do in your pregnancy.  I mean don't get me wrong labor and delivery sucked.  But nothing was as agonizing as managing to come up with a first and middle name that sounds good with our last name, won't get the child made fun of by his friends, and won't make the child hate you further down the road.

Then once you make up your mind comes the fun of telling others what name you have decided on.  Everyone has an opinion.  Or ten.  Some aren't so vocal in their opinions but if they don't like the name it is still obvious by their face when you say the name.  This is especially true if the names you pick aren't super mainstream names.  Then there are the super vocal ones who can make fun of your name, question your judgement, or just straight up put your name down.  What people don't realize is that once you have made up your mind on a name, it isn't just a name they are insulting but your not yet born child as well.

Factor in having to come to an agreement with your hubby or whomever is responsible for the other half of your baby's DNA and I am amazed that kids ever do get named.  Mr. Destructo and I do not agree on any names at all for girls.  Kai's name was easy since we have both loved the name Malachi since our freshman year of college and his middle name was already predetermined since in hubster's family the first born son's middle name is the father's first name.  Even though we had no doubts, let me tell you others did.  Malachi isn't exactly a super common name in the states and that is the main reason I loved it.  I never wanted a super common name, but didn't want one that the kid would hate either.  We also are drawn to Biblical names and it fit that as well.

And there have been many moments of doubt since filling out that birth certificate.  Every time I am asked how do you spell his name, how do your pronounce it, where did you come up with that name, I wonder if I doomed my kid for life.  Or when the person at the bank refers to his account as Mah leechee or Mah la chi (instead of Kai).  He is going to hate me.  I guess he will have something to talk about in therapy one day. 

But baby boy number two is even harder.  I want another Biblical name.  Again the hubby and I don't agree on names.  I don't want the kid to hate me.  I do prefer traditional Biblical spelling of the names, but in Malachi's case I kind of wished we had went with a phonetic spelling of it.  Oh decisions, decisions.  We have a name in mind and have been using it some but I just can't decide if it is the right name.  With Malachi we knew and even when questioned (regularly still) I know we made the right choice.  Oh the agony.  I really think kids should just have a number until they are old enough to name themselves haha.  Any suggestions on baby boy number two's name keeping in mind my above criteria?

Oh and on a sidenote just let me say that we are darned lucky that baby number dos is a boy.  A girl would never have been named.  We do not agree on girl names at all.  It is a 180 degree difference in taste.  It wouldn't have ended well. 

Source That would have been our daughter's name.