Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week Sixteen: Avocado


 Yay!  I am finally caught up.  From here on, I can publish these in the week I am pregnant.  (I am currently in my 17th week so expect that one in the next few days.)  Baby is getting so big.  Crazy how fast this pregnancy is going.
How far along: 16 weeks

Total weight gain: 6 pounds.

Maternity clothes:  For sure. 

Stretch marks: Not any new ones that I didn't have from Kai.

Sleep: Unless medicated I don't sleep.  It is a problem.  Benadryl has been my friend.

Best moment of this week: Finding out that baby is another boy!  We decided to splurge for an elective ultrasound and it was so fun.  This baby looks so much like Kai it is crazy.

Miss anything: My back not hurting and Advil.  I really really miss Advil. 

Movement: I do believe I am finally feeling some movement.  I thought it was gas bubbles but it hasn't went away so it must be baby.  Three weeks sooner than with Kai.  I had anterior placentas both times so it takes a lot longer to feel movement.

Food cravings: I have been a bit queasy again this week so no real cravings.  I do like Taco Bell of all things.  I guess I was/still am craving almond chicken from Michigan and mashed potatoes and gravy.

Have you started to show yet: Yes

Gender: Bouncing baby boy. 

 Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: In  but getting more and more shallow.

Wedding rings on or off: On you know the two times a week I remember to put them on.

 Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy this week.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving.  I want turkey.  Yummy.