Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shopping and Sickness

We have had a busy few weeks of dealing with sickness. Destructo can't get healthy. He had an upper respiratory infection that started October 20th. Two weeks later it turned into a sinus infection (and an ear infection but that quickly went away.) It will not go away. We treated with augmentin for ten days. He seemed better the last three days of meds and then it came right back. Now we have treated with zithromax for five days and another ten days of augmentin.

 Five trips thus far to the pediatrician. We were there again today for cultures to attempt to figure out what bacteria or virus is causing this and if it is a resistant strain. We should get results from that back on Monday. I hope this gives us answers and a plan to treat him. If not, we are going to see an ears nose and throat specialist. It has been so frustrating too. He keeps saying momma I been sick a long time or why my nose keep running? And I have no answers.

 I would totally take his sickness away. While I dwelled on this the other night, I realized that shows how much a mom truly loves her child. I hate being sick and am the biggest whiny baby ever when sick. But I would totally take it in a heart beat if it meant he could feel well again. My kiddo is a trooper though. Even when he feels awful, he is still full of energy and just keeps right on trucking. I wish I could be more like him. I just curl up in a ball and whine. He also regressed in sleep when all this sickness started so that has been doubly challenging. He needs rest to get better. Plus with feeling icky, he isn't eating or drinking well. All this to say, if you wonder why the blog has been so quiet lately there you have it. I can't get him healthy and he is uber clingy and a momma's boy so much more than normal. On a high point is I am quitting my job in a few short weeks to stay home with him.

 The shopping part comes in when I left him with my mom to go black Friday shopping with Mr. Destructo. Kai's Christmas list consists of a train with a fire truck (which he already has at least two of), a real mouse, a black puppy with a red collar, a tree, and a log cabin. Yeah quite unrealistic. But with him being a sickie for so long, I have gotten to feeling bad for him. He really wants the mouse. That is what he asks for every single day. Even when we took him to Pet Smart and told him if he could have any pet in the store what would it be, he picked a mouse. So during my black Friday shopping somehow a ton of mouse stuff ended up being bought. I think I have taken leave of my senses. But I can just picture his little face when he wakes up and sees a cage with two mice in it Christmas morning. I can't wait. (Oh and I truly don't mind taking care of mice. I like them.) I will be sure to post some pics.

 Here are some pics of the sickie boy. :(

At the doctor's office for the fourth time

He has a slight addiction to Boogie Wipes now and can't stand when his nose runs

His face is so horribly chapped from all the nose wiping but he hates putting "gasoline" on it.  Vasoline and gasoline are too different things sonnie boy.

When the sinus infection was at it's worst.  He had swollen, black looking eyes that were super goopy.  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Cloth Diapering Momma in your Life

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for a cloth diapering momma you know, then look no further.  I will fill you in on all the things I truly need.  Yes I need them.  Or maybe I just want them very badly.  I mean when you have a stash big enough to diaper oh triplets you probably don't need more diapers.  But you can never have enough diapers am I right fellow cloth aficionados?

At the very top of my list is what else more cloth diapers?  This varies wildly among addicts as to what is tops of their list.  But in my case I would have to say these three diapers are tops at the moment.  Wool would top my list.  I mean that is more diaper cover than diaper I suppose, but still.

 Sustainablebabyish knit wool shorties are what I have been lusting over.  Lust is a sin.   But my tired brain can't think of another word right now.  So lust it is.  I have leak issues at night more than I like because while Destructo is potty trained during the day, he isn't at all at night and is a heavy wetter.  Plus being a crazy mover at night, he messes with his diapers enough that they sometimes get small gaps at the legs and leak.  I bet these would solve that problem.

Next on my list would be a Moraki AIO.  I know zero about this brand.  What I do know about it is that it is a snowman and is so cute I must have it.  MUST.

The next diapers on my list are any newborn diapers that I don't already have.  I really hope to be able to do more newborn diaper reviews with this next baby.  My top three are Swaddlebees newborn simplexGrovia newborn (new style), or Sustainablebabyish Happy Little Clouds fitteds.  Aren't they so little and cute?  I have old style Grovias but am really itching to get my hands on a new style to see if I like it better.
I mean come on pandas?  I need pandas.

Next up on my cloth diapering momma Christmas list would be a spray pal.  I have went back and forth on this on and have come to the conclusion that while I doubt I will ever actually spend the money on it for myself since I am cheap, I would really like this thing.  You can spray your diapers on high flow without getting poop everywhere.  I bet my bathroom would stay far more sanitary in between cleanings with this thing.
Wool dryer balls would be a great gift for a cloth diapering momma.  I have some and they really do decrease drying time therefore saving money which in turn you can then spend to feed the addiction of cloth diapers haha.

Reusable snack bags is another idea.  I recently got some of these and really like them and they are so ecofriendly.  And oh so cute.  I get asked about them all the time when we are out and about eating snacks.
Another idea would be an occupy the kids so she can clean the kitchen gift pack.  I would love something like this to buy myself some free time to get other things done.  Plus it would be oh so much better than just hitting on the TV.  A few ideas would be EcoDoughEco-finger paints, or Eco Crayons.  They are from Eco Kids a company I am very interested in trying out and made from all natural materials so safe for kids to eat.  Not that I suggest you feed your kid crayons, but everyone that has a toddler knows that eating crayons is a rite of passage through toddler hood.

Finally any proud cloth diapering mom would love a cloth diapering advocacy shirt.  Share your love of cloth with the world just by what you are wearing.  I would wear this shirt proudly. And if you want to go even further, you could get a matching shirt for her kiddo! 

There you have it. My top cloth diapering momma Christmas gift ideas. What would you guys suggest adding to my list? 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week 21: Pomegranate


Success.  After this post, I got caught back up since I am turning 22 weeks today.  22.  How is this possible?  I can't believe how fast time is flying and with the holidays upon us time is going to go by in warp speed.  Make it slow down.  We haven't even really begun getting Destructo's big boy room ready and the baby will be taking over his room since that is where the crib is haha.  

How far along: 21 weeks

Total weight gain: 8 pounds according to my parents scale a week ago.  I actually got a new battery for my scale on Monday.  Except I got the wrong one.  Massive fail.  I go to the doctor today though so I can see how much I have gained in the past six weeks.  I am really curious since with Destructo I had gained a lot more weight by this point.

 Maternity clothes: Mainly all of them except scrubs and PJ's.  I am cheap and didn't buy a maternity winter coat so I am styling right now in a button up jacket that my mom had.  Yeah I pretty much look awful.  Luckily it isn't too cold down here in the South yet.  Mornings are chilly but I just layer and make due with a hoodie.

 Stretch marks: Not any new ones that I didn't have from Kai.  I really hope that I only get stretch marks on my hips and butt again this time.  Most of the ones I got with Destructo were behind what a bathing suit covers so that was nice.

 Sleep:  Yeah I have to take Benadryl or Unisom every single night to sleep.  It is awful.  I feel bad for taking so many drugs, but I just can't sleep.

Best moment of this week:  Finally getting to be home for an entire weekend and feeling like I was making progress taming the mess that my house has become.  With it being hunting season, we had been down at my parents house the last five weekends.  My house was a disaster.  Oh and Mr. Destructo getting back from out of town.  So nice to have another parent to deal with Kai's not sleeping.

 Miss anything:   The ability to easily get Destructo's toys out from under the couch, chair, whatever.  My belly is getting big enough that this is becoming quite hard.  Sleeping on my stomach.  

Movement:   Still more calm than Kai was but quite active at times.  I love that I have the security of knowing he is doing ok in there without having to get the Doppler out.

Food cravings: Mashed potatoes have been really delicious this week but I wouldn't call it a craving.

Have you started to show yet:  Yeppers.

Gender: Bouncing baby boy.  Yay for brothers!

 Labor signs:   Nothing except some sporadic Braxton Hicks.

 Belly button in or out: Out sob.

Wedding rings on or off: On (Well this is a lie.  I can wear them.  I just haven't seemed to remember to put it on in over a week.  So I guess off but not because they need to be haha.)

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy this week.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week Twenty: Banana


How far along: 20 weeks

Total weight gain: 8 pounds according to my parents scale.  I still haven't managed to get a new battery for mine.  I fail.

 Maternity clothes: Yeah.  I have one shirt I really like.  I will actually be disappointed when I can't wear it anymore once I am not pregnant.

 Stretch marks: Not any new ones that I didn't have from Kai.

 Sleep: Not particularly well. But I don't really blame this one on myself. Destructo has been massively sleep regressing.  Same as last week.  Toddler fears are real drags.

Best moment of this week:  Getting to see my friend from Italy for the first time since May and working on my registry.  It is such a nice feeling to know that we have nearly everything we need for this baby already.  (I only did the registry at Target for the bag with freebies and coupons and then the completion coupon at the end.)  We did buy a swing this week at Essex because we found the one we had with Kai for 45 bucks which is a great deal since it is a 150 dollar swing.  I was sad when it broke with Kai but since he slept in it day and night for five months, I still feel we got our money's worth.

 Miss anything: Easily being able to jump up.  Still Advil.  Geez I sound like a druggie.

Movement: I noticed for the first time this weekend that you can see movement from the outside.  He head/butt butted me so hard one night this week it actually startled me.  Thus far he seems less active than Destructo was.  I am hoping this bodes well for a bit more calm child haha.

Food cravings: None this week. Although crushed ice is still so good.

Have you started to show yet: Yes for sure. I think I am bigger this time around than I was with Destructo, but have gained far less weight.  Well maybe.  You know if I ever get that battery I could say that for sure.

Gender: Bouncing baby boy.  Yay for brothers!

 Labor signs: No.  Although I did notice I am having some Braxton Hicks contractions so I guess my body is gearing up to birth this child one day.  Hard to believe I am already half way through my pregnancy.

 Belly button in or out: Out and it is even noticeable through my shirt.  Gag.  I hate the way this looks.

Wedding rings on or off: On you know the two times a week I remember to put them on.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Tired this week.  Mr. Destructo was out of town and with the sleep regression Destructo has going on I just feel tired and overwhelmed.  I also can't imagine how I am going to take care of two kids.  Geez I barely manage Captain Destructo some days.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 19: Mango


Yeah I got behind again seeing I am actually 21 weeks when this is being published.  Whoops.  I will get caught up this weekend.

How far along: 19 weeks

Total weight gain: 8 pounds.  Although this weight is from the end of 18 weeks.  My scale battery died and I can NOT remember to get a new one.  

Maternity clothes:  Yep at least in jeans and shirts.

Stretch marks: Not any new ones that I didn't have from Kai.

Sleep:   Not particularly well.  But I don't really blame this one on myself.  Destructo has been massively sleep regressing.

Best moment of this week: Finally winning some bets in the Breeders cup classic the last race of the day.  I was picking all around the top four horses, but could not put bets together to save my life.  Trick or treating with Kai was also super fun.

Miss anything: Advil mainly.  Sleep.  

Movement:  Still light movement, but you can tell he is getting bigger and stronger.  

Food cravings:  None this week.  

Have you started to show yet:  Yes for sure.

Gender: Bouncing baby boy.  

 Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: Out but just barely.

Wedding rings on or off: On you know the two times a week I remember to put them on.

 Happy or moody most of the time:  A bit moody this week.  My mind just keeps racing about all the things I need/want to get done before this baby comes and it stresses me out.  Same as last week.  I just have so much to do before this baby comes and life turns upside down.

Looking forward to:  Still Thanksgiving or maybe six months after the baby gets here when life has settled down into a routine again.  I hate the unknowing part of life changes.

Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Cope when your Husband Travels for Work

Mr. Destructo travels a bit for work and after a year of this, I am nearly a pro.  I still hate when he is out of town and miss him like crazy, but at least I don't quite feel like I am going to lose my sanity each and every time he goes.  Here are a few tip and tricks I have learned over the months.

1)  Eat simple dinners.  Grilled cheese and soup, breakfast for dinner, leftovers, pizza.  I go for quick and easy.  I worry about well balanced with veggies and meat and fruit and yada yada yada when he is in town.  Surely it all balances out and if not, I at least take comfort in knowing that I can give Destructo a fruit and veggie pouch.  

2)  Your dinner will be burnt at times.  It is okay.  Embrace the burn.  
Delicious burnt bacon and eggs.  The biscuits were completely forgotten about.

3)  If the kids aren't bathed every night (or even every other night), they will survive.  Or take them in the shower with you.  This works best for me so I don't have to stay up late to shower.  I dread the day Destructo is too big to shower with me.

4)  Don't stress about keeping your house spic and span while the hubby is gone.  I mean I consider it a huge win if I keep us both alive, fed, and relatively hygienic.  

5)  If having all the lights on at night makes you feel better, go for it.  I figure surely it doesn't raise my electric bill all that much.  I hope.  

6)  Enjoy the bed to yourself.  I sure do now that I am over halfway through my pregnancy.   I can make a pillow fortress around myself and use the entire bed and all the pillows.

7)  Skype is your friend.  Destructo loves skyping his daddy at night before bed.

8)  It is okay to not get dressed.  Less laundry to do that way.

9)  It is also okay to buy yourself whatever guilty pleasure you need whether it is cheesecake, cherry coke, or Ben and Jerry's.  I figure I have earned it after dealing with a crazy two year old for days on end alone.

10)  Try to get to sleep early if at all possible.  I find I deal with Destructo's craziness so much better when I am not exhausted.  This is actually true any time, but definitely when I don't have any back up.

There you have it my tips and tricks for surviving traveling husband syndrome.  I will add to this list as I think of more.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Natural Birth Stories Review and Giveaway

I received a copy of Natural Birth Stories to review and giveaway.  Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of natural birth and natural living so this was right up my alley.   THis book is written by the awesome Shannon over at  This book was truly amazing to read.  It was a very easy read that I had no trouble staying interested in.  It had very good information for women planning a natural birth including all the angles.  Whether you are planning to deliver in a hospital, birthing center, or at home there are sections dedicated to all this.

Natural Birth Stories book 

 The birth plans chapter is very through and will touch on all the considerations you need to make when working on a birth plan.  I also really liked the chapter on choosing a midwife or OB.  This is one of the very important consideration when you are expecting because it can dictate the way your birth turns out.  She also talks a lot about making sure where you deliver is natural birth friendly.

But my very favorite part in the entire book is all the different birth stories written by real women.  I related to some of them so much it nearly felt like I had made a new friend when I got done reading their birth stories.  I especially related to ones who had a difficult first birth and got their magical birth experience the second (or third, fourth whatever) time around.

Okay I have to admit that I am pregnant.  Duh you say if you have followed this blog for awhile.  This pregnancy around though I am more of a hormonal mess.  I am a sappy, sappy crying woman.  Commercials, youtube videos, my dog begging for food.  They all make me cry.  This book took me forever to read because I kid you not, I teared up at every single birth story and had to take a break.  The stories all just touched me so much.  I highly recommend this book up there with Ina May's book which also made me tear up.  Haha

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  Natural Birth Stories book

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts for Older Toddlers

Welcome to the November 2013 Carnival of Natural Mothering! 

This article is a part of the Carnival of Natural Mothering hosted by GrowingSlower, Every Breath I Take, I Thought I Knew Mama, African Babies Don't Cry, and Adventures of Captain Destructo. This month's topic is Incorporating Natural Into the Holidays. Be sure to check out all of the participants' posts through the links at the bottom of this page.

As everyone who regularly reads this blog knows, I much prefer wooden ecofriendly toys for Destructo rather than plastic toys that are made in China and don't last more than a month in the hands of Captain Destructo.  It is all a part of my striving to live more naturally and why should Destructo's toys be any different.  This is one way we keep our natural living even in the craziness that is the holidays.  (I also still really try to avoid overly processed foods especially those containing food dyes for Destructo during all those holiday meals.)   Last year I wrote this blog post about ecofriendly Christmas gifts for the younger toddler in your life.  While he still plays with a lot of those toys, (so if you need more ideas than just this post be sure to check it out) my boy is way too quickly growing up.  So without further ado here is this years ecofriendly toy list.

Topping the list in Destructo's mind would be his marble run toy.  He is really hoping to get an addition to it.  Or maybe Mr. Destructo is really hoping to get an addition since he is the putter togetherer.  This toy is not ideal if you have a mouthy toddler still for obvious reasons.  But Kai is past that stage and while he is still too young to assemble it, he will play with it for hours once we put it together for him.  So it is a toy that is going to grow with him.

Marble Runs
Hape marble run is the brand we currently have one set of.  It is just the basic set but he loves it.  Hape is a company that has high quality wooden toys that use sustainable materials, water based paints, and meet all US and EU toy quality standards.  The one downfall to these toys are that they are manufactured in China.
The middle set actually has chimes that the marble sets off as it falls onto the different levels.  I think it is pretty darn cool!  
 (Oh and side note if you want more info on any of these toys listed, just click the pictures.)

Railway Set
Something that made the list last year was trains.  Destructo still loves trains, but is more into building extensive train railways.  An eco friendlyish version that I saw was the Melissa and Doug version.  
As you probably know from my last post, Melissa and Doug toys are manufactured in China so avoid them if you avoid China produced toys.  But they are made from sustainable materials and tested once they reach the US.  I mostly like these though because they are widely available in stores and people are more likely to humor me and get these than they are toys that can only be ordered online or in specialty toy stores.

Pattern blocks
  I can't say whether Destructo loves these or not, but I know I sure did when I was a kid.  This is on his Christmas list for this year.  The first picture is Hape brand and is actually magnetic which I really like and is made of bamboo.  The second one is made by Haba which I haven't mentioned yet but I love that company.  They are made in Germany of sustainable products.  This is one of my very top companies along with Plan toys.  Last picture is Melissa and Doug.

Art Easel
Destructo got the Melissa and Doug art easel for Christmas last year.  He liked it then, but has really grown into it it better this year.  There is an accessory kit I highly recommend getting with it.  It comes with four paint cups with a top, four paintbrushes, a roll of paper, chalk, a dry erase marker, and an eraser.  Oh and four big bottles of paint.  The easel itself has a dry erase side and a chalkboard side.  We do lots of art on this.
Another accessory I got to go with it was a art smock to help save his clothes.  It works well!

Wooden puzzles are a huge hit with my kiddo.  Although while sometimes he likes putting them together in the traditional way, a lot of times he just takes the pieces and uses them for imaginative play.  A few interesting ones I saw while writing this are:

  The first one is Haba and is magnetic, the second Destructo owns and is by Melissa and Doug.  He likes fishing for the fish.  The last two puzzles are by a new company I found this year called Begin Again.  They are made from all plant materials with no oils/ food based dyes.  They are manufactured in China, but the company really stands behind toy safety.

I would love for Destructo to get a few more advanced wooden blocks.  You can see some basic block sets on last year's list and he still plays with those regularly.  In fact, he is building a castle for his pet toy lizards.  His lizards bred apparently and now Lizzie and Queenie are mom and dad to five plastic lizards.  I don't approve of the plastic, but until he forgets them I am stuck haha.  Thanks Captain Destructo's grandma.

A set I would really like for Destructo is  Haba fantasy blocks.  They are made in Germany and would add on perfectly to a smaller starter kit he has. A few others sets of notice:

Another set of blocks that I really need errr Destructo really needs is Tegu blocks.  They are wooden blocks that have magnets inside.  They are awesome.  The library by my parents house has a set that I play with every time we go in there.  But I will forewarn they are pricey.  One day I am going to hit the lottery and get some of these awesome blocks.

Animal Sets

Kai is really big into pretend play with animals.  He has the Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm and the Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo.  These are one of the few plastic, made in China, not so ecofriendly toys I really like because they amuse Destructo for hours and hours and really encourage creative/imaginative play.

But an ecofriendly alternative  I have found recently that I really want to get a few for Kai are Anamalz.  They are wooden, posable animals that are made in Australia.  They also have adoption certificates that you can then play all kinds of games online with for older kids (similar to Webkinz.)

Some other sets I have found are:

The first two are Plan and Haba and are just animal sets.  The second one is one I picked up at a consignment sale for cheap brand new in the package.  It is Melissa and Doug and has animals and blocks to build a barn.  He loves it.  Well worth the ten bucks I paid for it.

Balance bikes/scooters

Great for getting energy out and for outside play.  Destructo has a balance bike and even with only a little bit of using it is really catching onto it.  He is even starting to pick up his feet and attempt to balance for a few seconds.

Lacing Beads

The first set is actually made in the USA (Holgate toys.)  The other two sets are Haba and Plan.

Pretend Play

Doctors kit by Haba.  Kai loves pretending to give me shots when we are at my mom's house where he has a play doctor kit.  This one is on his wish list this year for sure.

Kitchen sets and play food are favorites in our house.  (Check out last year's list above for a lot of different suggestions for that.)

Dress up clothes are loved as well by toddlers.  Melissa and Doug dress up clothes have lots of different options for boys and girls.  But another way you could be ecofriendly and reduce your carbon footprint is to repurpose things laying around the house for dress up clothes.  Or find things at yard sales to reuse.  I found a fire fighter helmet that Destructo loves for fifty cents at a yard sale.  And beads from random Kentucky Derby's or other things like that are a huge hit in my house.

Dolls/ doll stuff  are loved by little girls and boys.  Well not my boy.  He has two but has only used them as ramps for his trucks.  So much for not perpetuating gender stereotypes.  He was hard wired to love "boy" toys.  As a boy mom, I am not an expert on this category at all so feel free to chime in if there are any tried and true girl toys I should include.  I did notice Haba baby dolls had all kinds of cute dolls and strollers and other baby stuff.  I love that company so it is worth checking out.

Tea sets are a must for the girl toddlers in your life.  I tried to get Destructo to have a tea party with me and he told me "Momma I dink cofeeee."  The tea set I would get for my imaginary daughter would be the set by Green Toys.
Destructo has a dish set from them and they are super resilient to toddler antics, made from recycled milk jugs in the US, and very easy to wash when he demands to drink out of them.

Tool set (See my post from last year for my suggestions.)

Doll house.  I really like the Plan wooden doll house. There are tons of accessories that go with it too.  My mom has our doll house from when we are a kid and Destructo likes playing with it.  Although sometimes he just turns it into a giant garage for his cars and trucks haha.

Musical Instruments
Green Tones music instruments are ecofriendly and look to be very kid friendly.
 This set has been on Destructo's wish list for the last two years.  I am not positive on the level of ecofriendliness of this one.  I know parts of it are made in the US though.  It is Hohner brand.  I am going to email the company and see what they can tell me and update you guys later.

Dress up wooden paper dolls toys
How is that for a category?  I am not sure what exactly to call these, but they look pretty cool.  I think Kai would really like the firefighter one. 

Okay that is it for now.  I will probably add to this over the next few days if you guys have any suggestions or I think of any other categories that I should have included.  Let me know if you think anything should be added.  Especially girly things since that is not my specialty.
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