Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Cloth Diapering Momma in your Life

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for a cloth diapering momma you know, then look no further.  I will fill you in on all the things I truly need.  Yes I need them.  Or maybe I just want them very badly.  I mean when you have a stash big enough to diaper oh triplets you probably don't need more diapers.  But you can never have enough diapers am I right fellow cloth aficionados?

At the very top of my list is what else more cloth diapers?  This varies wildly among addicts as to what is tops of their list.  But in my case I would have to say these three diapers are tops at the moment.  Wool would top my list.  I mean that is more diaper cover than diaper I suppose, but still.

 Sustainablebabyish knit wool shorties are what I have been lusting over.  Lust is a sin.   But my tired brain can't think of another word right now.  So lust it is.  I have leak issues at night more than I like because while Destructo is potty trained during the day, he isn't at all at night and is a heavy wetter.  Plus being a crazy mover at night, he messes with his diapers enough that they sometimes get small gaps at the legs and leak.  I bet these would solve that problem.

Next on my list would be a Moraki AIO.  I know zero about this brand.  What I do know about it is that it is a snowman and is so cute I must have it.  MUST.

The next diapers on my list are any newborn diapers that I don't already have.  I really hope to be able to do more newborn diaper reviews with this next baby.  My top three are Swaddlebees newborn simplexGrovia newborn (new style), or Sustainablebabyish Happy Little Clouds fitteds.  Aren't they so little and cute?  I have old style Grovias but am really itching to get my hands on a new style to see if I like it better.
I mean come on pandas?  I need pandas.

Next up on my cloth diapering momma Christmas list would be a spray pal.  I have went back and forth on this on and have come to the conclusion that while I doubt I will ever actually spend the money on it for myself since I am cheap, I would really like this thing.  You can spray your diapers on high flow without getting poop everywhere.  I bet my bathroom would stay far more sanitary in between cleanings with this thing.
Wool dryer balls would be a great gift for a cloth diapering momma.  I have some and they really do decrease drying time therefore saving money which in turn you can then spend to feed the addiction of cloth diapers haha.

Reusable snack bags is another idea.  I recently got some of these and really like them and they are so ecofriendly.  And oh so cute.  I get asked about them all the time when we are out and about eating snacks.
Another idea would be an occupy the kids so she can clean the kitchen gift pack.  I would love something like this to buy myself some free time to get other things done.  Plus it would be oh so much better than just hitting on the TV.  A few ideas would be EcoDoughEco-finger paints, or Eco Crayons.  They are from Eco Kids a company I am very interested in trying out and made from all natural materials so safe for kids to eat.  Not that I suggest you feed your kid crayons, but everyone that has a toddler knows that eating crayons is a rite of passage through toddler hood.

Finally any proud cloth diapering mom would love a cloth diapering advocacy shirt.  Share your love of cloth with the world just by what you are wearing.  I would wear this shirt proudly. And if you want to go even further, you could get a matching shirt for her kiddo! 

There you have it. My top cloth diapering momma Christmas gift ideas. What would you guys suggest adding to my list? 

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