Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Cope when your Husband Travels for Work

Mr. Destructo travels a bit for work and after a year of this, I am nearly a pro.  I still hate when he is out of town and miss him like crazy, but at least I don't quite feel like I am going to lose my sanity each and every time he goes.  Here are a few tip and tricks I have learned over the months.

1)  Eat simple dinners.  Grilled cheese and soup, breakfast for dinner, leftovers, pizza.  I go for quick and easy.  I worry about well balanced with veggies and meat and fruit and yada yada yada when he is in town.  Surely it all balances out and if not, I at least take comfort in knowing that I can give Destructo a fruit and veggie pouch.  

2)  Your dinner will be burnt at times.  It is okay.  Embrace the burn.  
Delicious burnt bacon and eggs.  The biscuits were completely forgotten about.

3)  If the kids aren't bathed every night (or even every other night), they will survive.  Or take them in the shower with you.  This works best for me so I don't have to stay up late to shower.  I dread the day Destructo is too big to shower with me.

4)  Don't stress about keeping your house spic and span while the hubby is gone.  I mean I consider it a huge win if I keep us both alive, fed, and relatively hygienic.  

5)  If having all the lights on at night makes you feel better, go for it.  I figure surely it doesn't raise my electric bill all that much.  I hope.  

6)  Enjoy the bed to yourself.  I sure do now that I am over halfway through my pregnancy.   I can make a pillow fortress around myself and use the entire bed and all the pillows.

7)  Skype is your friend.  Destructo loves skyping his daddy at night before bed.

8)  It is okay to not get dressed.  Less laundry to do that way.

9)  It is also okay to buy yourself whatever guilty pleasure you need whether it is cheesecake, cherry coke, or Ben and Jerry's.  I figure I have earned it after dealing with a crazy two year old for days on end alone.

10)  Try to get to sleep early if at all possible.  I find I deal with Destructo's craziness so much better when I am not exhausted.  This is actually true any time, but definitely when I don't have any back up.

There you have it my tips and tricks for surviving traveling husband syndrome.  I will add to this list as I think of more.