Friday, November 8, 2013

Natural Birth Stories Review and Giveaway

I received a copy of Natural Birth Stories to review and giveaway.  Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of natural birth and natural living so this was right up my alley.   THis book is written by the awesome Shannon over at  This book was truly amazing to read.  It was a very easy read that I had no trouble staying interested in.  It had very good information for women planning a natural birth including all the angles.  Whether you are planning to deliver in a hospital, birthing center, or at home there are sections dedicated to all this.

Natural Birth Stories book 

 The birth plans chapter is very through and will touch on all the considerations you need to make when working on a birth plan.  I also really liked the chapter on choosing a midwife or OB.  This is one of the very important consideration when you are expecting because it can dictate the way your birth turns out.  She also talks a lot about making sure where you deliver is natural birth friendly.

But my very favorite part in the entire book is all the different birth stories written by real women.  I related to some of them so much it nearly felt like I had made a new friend when I got done reading their birth stories.  I especially related to ones who had a difficult first birth and got their magical birth experience the second (or third, fourth whatever) time around.

Okay I have to admit that I am pregnant.  Duh you say if you have followed this blog for awhile.  This pregnancy around though I am more of a hormonal mess.  I am a sappy, sappy crying woman.  Commercials, youtube videos, my dog begging for food.  They all make me cry.  This book took me forever to read because I kid you not, I teared up at every single birth story and had to take a break.  The stories all just touched me so much.  I highly recommend this book up there with Ina May's book which also made me tear up.  Haha

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  Natural Birth Stories book

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