Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shopping and Sickness

We have had a busy few weeks of dealing with sickness. Destructo can't get healthy. He had an upper respiratory infection that started October 20th. Two weeks later it turned into a sinus infection (and an ear infection but that quickly went away.) It will not go away. We treated with augmentin for ten days. He seemed better the last three days of meds and then it came right back. Now we have treated with zithromax for five days and another ten days of augmentin.

 Five trips thus far to the pediatrician. We were there again today for cultures to attempt to figure out what bacteria or virus is causing this and if it is a resistant strain. We should get results from that back on Monday. I hope this gives us answers and a plan to treat him. If not, we are going to see an ears nose and throat specialist. It has been so frustrating too. He keeps saying momma I been sick a long time or why my nose keep running? And I have no answers.

 I would totally take his sickness away. While I dwelled on this the other night, I realized that shows how much a mom truly loves her child. I hate being sick and am the biggest whiny baby ever when sick. But I would totally take it in a heart beat if it meant he could feel well again. My kiddo is a trooper though. Even when he feels awful, he is still full of energy and just keeps right on trucking. I wish I could be more like him. I just curl up in a ball and whine. He also regressed in sleep when all this sickness started so that has been doubly challenging. He needs rest to get better. Plus with feeling icky, he isn't eating or drinking well. All this to say, if you wonder why the blog has been so quiet lately there you have it. I can't get him healthy and he is uber clingy and a momma's boy so much more than normal. On a high point is I am quitting my job in a few short weeks to stay home with him.

 The shopping part comes in when I left him with my mom to go black Friday shopping with Mr. Destructo. Kai's Christmas list consists of a train with a fire truck (which he already has at least two of), a real mouse, a black puppy with a red collar, a tree, and a log cabin. Yeah quite unrealistic. But with him being a sickie for so long, I have gotten to feeling bad for him. He really wants the mouse. That is what he asks for every single day. Even when we took him to Pet Smart and told him if he could have any pet in the store what would it be, he picked a mouse. So during my black Friday shopping somehow a ton of mouse stuff ended up being bought. I think I have taken leave of my senses. But I can just picture his little face when he wakes up and sees a cage with two mice in it Christmas morning. I can't wait. (Oh and I truly don't mind taking care of mice. I like them.) I will be sure to post some pics.

 Here are some pics of the sickie boy. :(

At the doctor's office for the fourth time

He has a slight addiction to Boogie Wipes now and can't stand when his nose runs

His face is so horribly chapped from all the nose wiping but he hates putting "gasoline" on it.  Vasoline and gasoline are too different things sonnie boy.

When the sinus infection was at it's worst.  He had swollen, black looking eyes that were super goopy.