Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 19: Mango


Yeah I got behind again seeing I am actually 21 weeks when this is being published.  Whoops.  I will get caught up this weekend.

How far along: 19 weeks

Total weight gain: 8 pounds.  Although this weight is from the end of 18 weeks.  My scale battery died and I can NOT remember to get a new one.  

Maternity clothes:  Yep at least in jeans and shirts.

Stretch marks: Not any new ones that I didn't have from Kai.

Sleep:   Not particularly well.  But I don't really blame this one on myself.  Destructo has been massively sleep regressing.

Best moment of this week: Finally winning some bets in the Breeders cup classic the last race of the day.  I was picking all around the top four horses, but could not put bets together to save my life.  Trick or treating with Kai was also super fun.

Miss anything: Advil mainly.  Sleep.  

Movement:  Still light movement, but you can tell he is getting bigger and stronger.  

Food cravings:  None this week.  

Have you started to show yet:  Yes for sure.

Gender: Bouncing baby boy.  

 Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: Out but just barely.

Wedding rings on or off: On you know the two times a week I remember to put them on.

 Happy or moody most of the time:  A bit moody this week.  My mind just keeps racing about all the things I need/want to get done before this baby comes and it stresses me out.  Same as last week.  I just have so much to do before this baby comes and life turns upside down.

Looking forward to:  Still Thanksgiving or maybe six months after the baby gets here when life has settled down into a routine again.  I hate the unknowing part of life changes.