Friday, December 20, 2013

Mom's Wear Many Hats

As I busted my butt around the house today trying to work on Destructo's big boy bedroom, clean, get stuff together for Christmas baking, and begin the process of world domination (errr organizing my clutter bin of a house) Destructo kept bringing me different hats to wear.

I put them all on to avoid listening to his copious amounts of whining.  He was a whiner all day.  I swear he could have filled a swimming pool with his tears.  I think it is because he has one of his last two two year old molars about to come through.  I hope this is it.  I swear if this kid is getting sick again after nearly six weeks of sickness, I will lose my mind.  Loco I tell ya.

But motherhood is also a wearing of metaphorical hats.  I mean as a mom I am a short order cook, a sanitation expert, a fixer of toys.  I am a dancer, a singer, and a human jungle gym.  I could run sprints in the Olympics, jump hurdles with ease since I have to jump over toddler, dogs, and toys, or at least juggle with ease.  Okay I can't juggle.  Not even a little bit.  Destructo might actually be better at this than I am.

While thinking about the many hats I wear, I am also quite happy to be taking one of those hats off semi-permanently.  This week was my last full week of work.  I am going to work Monday's for the month of January just to help ease the transition between me and new me at work.  But working is nearly done.  I finally get to be a stay at home mom.

I am so excited.  I have disliked being a working mom since my first day back from maternity leave after Destructo was born.  I never feel like I get to spend enough time with him and everything has suffered.  When I spend a lot of quality time with him, my house starts falling apart.  If I manage to keep my house clean, I feel like I am not getting to spend any good time with Kai.  Hopefully I manage to find a good balance between house work and doing fun things with my wonderful son.  You know until we rock the boat all over again when the new baby is born.  

My 2014 is totally going to be a huge time of change.  Working mom to stay at home mom.  Mom of one son to mom of two sons.  Starting over again in the baby stage (which I dread if I am being honest since I have really come to love the independence Destructo has gained.)  But hopefully 2014 is a good year.  Only time will tell.