Tuesday, December 3, 2013


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This year I have one main resolution.  To survive the first few months with a honey badger and a newborn.  I kid, I kid (although that is high on my priority list haha.)  No my main resolution is to get my house more clean and organized.  Yeah yeah yeah I know that was on my resolutions list from last year and in some ways I got a bit done but this year it is even more important.

I am going to have a very active, very spirited honey badger of a toddler and a newborn that is needy.  I won't be able to watch Destructo like a hawk to make sure he isn't finding things he doesn't need to get into that is stored in with the clutter.  Plus I will be home all day long every day now and my house stresses me out because of the clutter.  There will be no escpaing to work anymore.

I am not sure how to accomplish this goal though.  I know I need to form  habits now in the few months I am staying home with just Destructo before newbie comes that hopefully will endure.  And I have gotten better since I got married.  I clean up the kitchen nearly every night after dinner.  I pick up Destructo's toys nearly every night before bed.  But I have to tame the clutter.

My plan right now is to focus on a small area each day/week and try to tame the clutter there.  Then move on to another small area and so on until I start making progress.  I have to get Mr. Destructo on board though as the clutter isn't just mine.  It is our clutter.  Aww so sweet.

So do you guys have any clutter taming tips to help me out?

My other goals are to live more frugally than we are now.  With only one income, we will have to.  I also plan to continue in my natural living walk.  I recently bought reusable snack bags to stop using Ziplocs.  I want to continue to make my own cleaning supplies and as I run out of store bought, find more ecofriendly and frugal solutions.  I want to expand my garden even more this year.  This one might be a bit of a stretch though this year since I will have a newborn.  But we learned to can in 2013 and ate the first cans of tomato sauce and they were actually good.  We could have canned far more than we did, but we just didn't have the time.