Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spark of Amber Necklace Review

I received an amber necklace from Spark of Amber to review and one to give away to one lucky reader.  I have mentioned amber necklaces numerous times on this blog.  I was quite skeptical of them when I first decided to start using them but as I was in teething misery decided to give it a try.  And boy was I impressed.  It truly does seem to make a difference.

This necklace was no different.  I choose a raw amber necklaces over a polished one since I have two polished ones already.  I am so glad I did.  I think this necklace is so pretty.  I have Destructo wear it as a necklace all day and then when he is sleeping, he wears it on his ankle just to be safe. 
Amber necklace on his ankle at bed time
 Amber necklaces are said to work by your body heat releasing the succinic acid in them as they lay against your skin.  They are said to have anti-inflammatory, calming, and natural pain relief properties.  We started using one when Destructo was about six months old and within a week noticed he was a bit happier and not quite as irritable and fussy.  Two years later he is still wearing his.  Two teeth to go and we can be done with it although I will for sure miss seeing him in his cute little necklace.  It is one of the parenting milestones you don't realize make you a bit sappy.  My baby will really be grown up the day I no longer have to put on his amber necklace.
Even fire fighters need amber necklaces
Each bead on this necklace is individually knotted so that if the necklace breaks at most one bead falls off.  There is also a breakaway clasp in case your child was to get caught on something with the necklace.  This makes me feel much safer having him wear one 24/7.  Like I said though, I still am a bit paranoid as a mom so I put it on his ankle at night (and until recently it was on his ankle inside his sleep sack as an added bit of protection from him messing with it.)

If you haven't used an amber necklace before, I highly recommend checking out Spark of Amber to get one.  Or one lucky reader can win one!  


  1. I need to try this....could be a great solution for my daughter

  2. I need to try this....could be a great solution for my daughter


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