Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Ten Cutest Cloth Diapers

I mean all cloth diapers are awesomely cute and have their purpose.  Even the plain old white ones.  I used those for photo shoots when he was an itty bitty.  A plain red diaper or green diaper could be props for a Christmas photo shoot.  Orange or black diaper for Halloween.  Well you get the point.  Oh and I swear my kid does occasionally wear clothes.  Less often as he gets older and is able to strip his own clothes off but hey that is another post.

But here is my top ten cutest diapers for boys, girls, and gender neutral that are available right now.  I have a few I would rank a few in this list that are retired prints, but that seems mean because then when you fall in love with it, you can't have it.  Hahahaha  Most of these are pockets or all in ones because that is what I used most of all.  Click on any of the links below the pictures for more info on these diapers.

Bumgenius 4.0 in Albert
Math and science equations on my baby's butt.  Surely that is going to make him a genius through osmosis right?  Obviously these aren't in any certain order.  That would be way too hard to to decide which one is my top favorite print.  I mean it is hard enough to narrow it down to ten as is.  Hence the three categories lol.

Moraki AI2 Fun and Funky
I mean mustaches on a diaper?  Does it get much cuter than that?

Rumparooz G2 in Ladder
My little man is a huge fire fighter fanatic.  So much so that he has requested his big boy room to be fire trucks.  So of course this diaper gets a top ten spot in my book.

Rumparooz G2 in Charlie

Something about this diaper keeps speaking to me.  It is saying buy me.  Buy me for Captain Destructo version 2.0.  You know you want to.  And yes, yes I want to.  I have refrained thus far, but it is coming.

Thirsties Duo in Scottish Storm

I am a sucker for plaid.  Blame my 10% (probably more who knows) Scottish roots.

Kawaii Snazzy Minky in Dinosaur
Dinosaurs and a minky diaper.  Life is good.  One of the cheaper diapers in my stash as well.  I actually ordered this one on Black Friday and it just came in today.  Can't wait to get it prepped.

Grovia AIO in Drift

This diaper just makes me think of lazy summer days and I love the colors in it.

Bumgenius 4.0 in Jules

This diaper is perfect for a beach vacation.  Hmmm I am apparently having a summer themed moment.

Kawaii Good Night Heavy Wetter in Holstein Cow

Moo cow butt.  Need I say more.

Simplex 2.0 in Monkey


Moraki Fluffy in Red with Bubblegum
I mean ruffles on a little girl's diaper.  Too cute.  Almost makes me wish I was having a girl.  Almost.
Simplex 2.0 in Paisley
I love paisley prints and this is one of my very favorite color combos ever.

Rumparooz G2 in Preppy
I love plaid and this particular plaid is so bright and colorful.
Tots Bots Easy Fit in Night Owl
Stars and owls and purpleness oh my.  I bet you guys haven't noticed I like owls with the sheer amount of owls on my cutest diapers list. 

Rumparooz G2 in Eco Owl
And once again it is owls and purpleness.  So cute.  Little owls.  This reminds me that I really wanted my nursery wall to say grow wise little owl.  I never managed to get around to doing this with Captain Destructo.  Maybe this time around lol.

Thirsties Duo AIO in Polka Dance
Polka dots are so bright and cheerful and happy.  I really like this diaper because of that.

Kawaii Snazzy Minky in Owl
Their big owl eyes get me every time.

Blueberry in Baby Blooms

Such a pretty combo of colors and flowers.

Grovia Kiwi Pie fitted in Cats/Dogs Pink
It is a fitted but so cute and girly.

Best Bottom Cover in Foxy Frolic
If I have one thing I like nearly as much as owls, it is foxes.  Isn't this cover just adorable?

Gender Neutral

I will say a lot of the diapers in either the boy or girl category can technically be gender neutral.  I just feel compelled to share even more cute diapers haha.

Moraki Organic AIO in Tour de Pants
This print is a Kelly's Closet exclusive print and is so cute.  With as much as I am recommending Moraki's on cuteness factor alone, I really need to try one of these out for the blog and do a review.  

Moraki AI2 Candy Snaps in Hippie
It is tie dye for all us hippie crunchy mommas with bright colored snaps.  So bright, cheerful, happy and fluffy.

Best Bottom Cover in Fox Trot
This diaper cover has foxes and bright colors.  I really wish I had it but since I have an entire stash of Grovia covers can't justify getting more since I mainly use pockets and all in ones.

Best Bottom Cover in Hedgehog
Again it has adorable hedgehogs but I can't justify buying a cover.  Boo.  Maybe I should use prefolds and fitteds more this time so I can justify buying it.

Rumparooz G2 in Quinn
Yay for more plaid prints.

Grovia AIO in Pudge
PANDAS!!!!!  That is all the comments needed.

Grovia Kiwi Pie Fitted in Ziggy
This one is a fitted diaper but has the cutest elephants ever.  I think this is next on my fitted diaper must try list.  I have some Thirsties fitteds that I like but that is the only fitted I have ever tried.

Kawaii Fun Print in Blue Kawaii Jean
Blue jean butt.  So stylish.

Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter in Green Animal
I have this diaper and it is bright lime green and has cute animals all over it.  I also really like these diapers for over night (or anytime really.)

Kawaii Good Night Heavy Wetter in Lime Dotty
Dots and bright colors and I am sold.

There you have it.  30 adorable diapers that are available in the cloth diapering world right now.  I will work on a newborn adorable diaper post very soon.  Bed is calling my name tonight.  Oh and what diapers would you guys include on this list of cute diapers?

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