Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2013


Here are my top ten most popular posts of 2013.  Check them out in case you missed them the first time around!  I want to wish everyone a safe New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2014.  Thanks for reading along with me for the past year.  

1)  The Bare Essentials Baby Registry   This post was about what I would consider necessities for anyone working on a baby registry with links to my favorite products in each category.  This is my hardest worked on, most proud post of this year haha.

2)  What I would Put on a Cloth Diaper Registry  In continuing with my popular registry post, this is what I would put on a cloth diaper registry if I could go back and do it all over again.  This is a great resource to first time cloth diapering mommas.

3)  You Might be Raising a Spirited Child if....  This post is a humorous look into raising a very spirited child.  

4)  Cloth Diapering Advantages A to Z  I realized as I was compiling my most popular post list that my readers really like my cloth diapering posts.  I need to work on more of these in the new year for sure.  This post was an A to Z list of all the advantages to cloth diapering.

5)  What Traits make a Spirited Child "Spirited"?  The title says it all.  This one also has a great book reference for those of us that are blessed with spirited honey badger children.

6)  Bummis Super Snap Review  Yep I really need to do some more review posts about all the different cloth diaper brands I have tried.  It will be even more fun when I have a newbie to try them out on and can even see fit on an older toddler since Destructo still uses diapers over night.

7)Spring Forward in the Latest Fluff Butt Fashions  This post was all about spring fashions for the flufy butt in your family.  You can pick the proper diaper for the type of spring outing you are having.  

8) Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit Review  Yet another cloth diaper review.  I really do like these diapers a lot.

9)  The Expanded Edition Baby Registry  This was one of the three baby registry checklists I worked on.  This was the really nice to have things that went beyond basics, but weren't really luxury items either.  

10)  Snap EZ Review  This post makes me sad.  I loved this diaper and it was my only bright red diaper.  It has since went missing and I can't find it anywhere.  How does a cloth diaper just disappear?  I mean none of my wet bags are missing so I know it wasn't left behind somewhere.  This happened once before and I found it six months later (after an entire winter) under my deck where it had been sunning.  That diaper still worked and I use it regularly although it is a bit stained up.  Shows just how resilient cloth diapers really are.  I have similar hopes that this diaper will turn back up one day.