Monday, December 9, 2013

Yochi Yochi Shoes Review

I received a pair of shoes from Yochi Yochi to review on the blog.  I can say they fully lived up to my expectations and then some.  The company is doing their part to be earth friendly which I love.  They use water based dyes on their products so as not to affect the environment around them.  They also have rain water storage for daily use and use energy efficient air conditioners and other machines to cut back on energy consumption.

As for the shoes themselves, they are very flexible which I like for newly walking children.  They are made of nylon and breathe very well which I like for my sweaty footed son.  They are also adorable.  The pair he got was blue with frogs on them.  They are velcro shoes which makes it quick and easy to get on a wiggly child's foot and he can take them off by himself (which now that he is past the I need to take my shoes off every single second phase) is nice.

They come in four designs a skull, panda bear, lady bug, or frogs.  You can see them here.  The one feature of these shoes that parents will love or hate (and most likely both at once haha) are that they squeak.  But not to worry, the little squeakers come right out if that isn't for you.  I love that they squeak when we are out in a crowded public place.  I can know Destructo is right near me without even having to look.  He is independent at times and refuses to hold my hand so it is nice to be able to hear his every step.

We were at a Christmas village shopping craft fair a few weeks back and he decided to wear these shoes.  I was so thankful for the squeaking as it was very crowded and he did not want to sit in the stroller that day but walk.  It was hard to push the stroller through the crowd one handed and hold his hand so at least I could let him walk right next to me and maneuver and not have to keep my eyes solely on him.  Plus when he went off with my mom, I was able to figure out exactly where they were just by listening.  No need to call and try to figure out their location that way.  All I had to do was stop and listen for squeak, squeak, squeak.

Overall I really like these shoes and so does Captain Destructo.  He is one of the loudest kids around and the squeak factor of these thrills him.  Sometimes he just stands and jumps in them to hear himself.  Check them out!

Disclosure:  I was given a pair of Yochi Yochi shoes for free to review and keep.  I was not paid to review them and all opinions are honest and my own.    See my full disclosure policy tab for more information.