Thursday, January 9, 2014

Destructo's Favorite Books at Age Two and a Half

Yes lovely readers you read that right two and a half.  You know almost three.  Especially since he is actually over 2.5 now.  He is two and a half plus a whole two months tomorrow.  My baby is getting way too old.  And I can only imagine that once newbie baby gets here the time will fly even faster since I will be even busier.  Slow down time.

Anyways here are Destructo's current top ten favorite books to have me read (over and over and over again.)
He loves to look at books and be read to

1)  Clifford books.  Any book that contains the giant big red dog is a winner winner chicken dinner in Kai's book.  He has favorites of course, but overall just loves Clifford.

2)  My Busy Books: Thomas and Friends  This book comes with a large map of Sodor and has ten small plastic trains to drive all along the tracks.  I thought it would be great for restaurants and church, but it is really too big.  He loves it though and loves making us drive trains with him.

3)  Any books by Leslie Patricelli .  Destructo's beloved Tubby books.  These are the most boring books to read, but he truly loves them.  He even calls himself Tubby at times.  He has three of them now and loves all of them equally.

4)  Five Little Monkeys Storybook Treasury Destructo got this for Christmas and loves it.  It contains five stories one of which is the typical monkeys jumping on the bed story.  It also contains a crap ton of stickers.  He hasn't noticed those yet.  I pray he never does.  Only because he refuses to take stickers off the sheets himself and whines at me until I give in and do it.

5)  Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs  I hate this book with a fiery passion.  It is long, boring, and the story is kind of stupid.  But it is a favorite so I had to include.  But if you don't already own it, don't buy it for your kiddo.

6)  The Little Duck I had this book as a little girl and found it for fifty cents at a consignment sale for Kai.  He couldn't care less about it until recently and now requests it regularly.  I love that he loves the same book I did as a kiddo.

7)  Lego City: Trucks Around the City  We checked this lego book out of the library a year or more ago and he loved it then.  He got it for Christmas and I think we have read it a million times already.  It has legos and trucks.  What more could a little boy ask for?

8)  Cordoroy Goes to the Doctor  We got this book free from the Imagaination Library.  It is such a quick book to read which makes it not only a Destructo favorite, but a mommy favorite.  haha

9) Fire Engine Man  This book was one Mr. Destructo picked out for a Christmas gift.  It is so perfectly perfect for him and us right now.  It is all about a little boy who is going to be a fire engine man when he grows up just like Destructo.  What makes is so awesome is he has a little brother that he shows all this stuff to and we can really talk about the fun Destructo is going to have with his new baby brother.

10)  This book is called Emergency something or other but I can't seem to find it right now and since Destructo is in bed fighting sleep it will have to wait until I can go in there tomorrow.

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