Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meal Planning is Hard...

Especially when you have a sinus infection that alternates feeling like your head might explode with feeling like a brick (err bag of one hundred bricks) has been dropped smack dab on your forehead.  I want to start meal planning now that I am only working one day a week.  As a stay at home mom not making an income, we need to make cut backs and not eating out constantly will save us a lot of money.  

So for the first time I meal planned.  Well I have attempted before and it lasted like oh three days.  I made this weeks meal plan and started next weeks.  What I need to work on is meal planning in regards to the weeks sales.  I sort of do this already because we stock up on meat when I find good sales so I can take from our freezer.  But I want to get better with sides and veggies too.  

Haha that is totally me.  In a dress and apron making healthy meals.  Totally.  

I also hope that in meal planning we have more left overs which I will eat for lunch.  Another way I am cutting our grocery bill is by trying to cut fruits up as soon as we buy them.  We waste so much fruit when it goes bad because life gets busy and I don't have time to cut it up so Destructo gets the easy fruits like bananas and blueberries that require no prep.  Veggies too.  I will eat raw veggies if they are easy.  I hope to feel better tomorrow and am going to cut up and dice a bunch of green peppers we have.  I bought them for a veggie tray that I never ended up making and they are going to go bad.  I am going to freeze them and use them for cooking.  Normally we buy prediced frozen green peppers, but this will save me from having to do that.

Couponing will probably also happen again although I know I won't be able to get as good deals since we tend to eat a lot more healthy than we did pre Destructo and I also make all my own cleaning supplies now.  But every little bit helps.  And this just reminded me I have a few free item coupons for Publix that are probably about to expire. Yay for free rubbing alcohol, cocoa butter, hand sanitizer, and baby cereal.  

Oh and as I was about to publish this post, I came across this blog post from The Better Mom blog.  It has a lot of info about meal planning and has a meal plan you can use.  Yay for some guidance.

So how do you guys do meal planning?  Any tips you care to share with me?