Friday, January 31, 2014


I am not the most patient person.  Never have been.  Patience comes in quite handy when you have a spirited two year old.  Being a stay at home mom is going to be a great way to way to better myself and work on my patience.  Or it might make me crazy.  Never can tell.

Take today for example.  I need Destructo to nap.  Every day.  He is so go go go and into things and just so spirited.  I laid him down at 1:40 as is the norm.  He proceeded to open a crate of toys that he can reach from his crib, get a pretend wooden grill set that came with his fire station doll house thing, and beat the heck out of his expensive crib that until this point was in really good shape.  It converts to a full size bed that we plan on using down the road.

I get onto him for this, remove said crate, tell him to lay down and he can get a slush on the way to Monk's house.  Monk is my dad.  He was grandpa until one day Destructo decided he wasn't, he was Monk and has refused to use anything ever since.  He will forever be Monk.  Destructo has also named my Aunt Cheryl "W", my cousin Rissy Bubba, my other two cousins hot dog and meatball.  Yeah creative my child is.

He then proceeds to pretend to slide down the rails on his crib and fight imaginary fires while screaming the entire time.  I have no clue what has gotten into him today though as normally he naps fairly easily.  No slush later and he had a royal tantrum but said he would take a nap tomorrow so he could have a slush.  I thought for sure he would doze off on the way to my parents since it is an hour drive.  He didn't.  Obviously he is just full of energy today.

Days like today are days that I feel like running away before noon.  I actually drink cherry coke like one would an alcoholic drink to calm their nerves.  We had no cherry coke or Pepsi or anything.  I actually sent Mr. Destructo a text advising him not to come home empty handed.  He didn't let me down.  An entire Route 44 cherry coke later and all is well.

Needless to say I think God will work on my patience the longer I stay home.  At least that is my deep hope.  Otherwise it won't be pretty on the day Destructo gives up naps for good.  I do plan on having him do quiet time in his room just to give myself a break.  I have heard lots of people have luck with this.  Let's hope I am one of them.