Thursday, January 23, 2014

Second Baby Itis

I have a urge to buy all the things for newbie baby just like I did with Kai.  Apparently  my nesting involves buying lots of new way too teeny tiny clothes.  But since I had a bit of a shopping addiction and family that shared this same affliction with me, I have enough boy clothes to clothe at least triplets.  So I have had very good restraint in not buying tons of new clothes.  The only things I let myself get for Zach/Eli/insert name here are little brother outfits and a coming home outfit.  And with the exception of an adorable tiger butt sleeper, I have done very well with this.

It is a huge relief to only have to buy a few things.  We ended up getting Summer Infant Baby Touch Boost Color Video Monitor.  We wanted a video monitor that could be hooked up to two cameras mainly, but also kind of wanted one with the talk back feature since Destructo has been fighting sleep so badly and going in makes it worse.  We can tell him to lay down over the monitor and he does.  Worth every penny.  We actually lucked out and found this at Essex (a local bargain store) for 110 bucks.  Then we kept watching for an extra camera for it and found one for 50 bucks.  Woot!  We love it and Destructo loves when we talk to him.

My hubby surprised me at Christmas with a BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller.  I had been not so secretly drooling over this stroller since finding out I was pregnant.  I needed a double jogger since my single jogger won't work with two kids.  Even at three, I doubt Destructo will be able to listen well enough to ride his bike alongside me.  Again we got this for an amazing deal (250) at Essex and then I sold my Jeep jogger for 50 to help out even more.  Expensive but cheaper than joining a gym with childcare which was the other option for me to get fit again.

The only other bigger ticket item I need is a new crib mattress.  Ours was given to us by a close family friend and between being used and Destructo being a jumper, it is in rough shape.  I really want  the Colgate Classica I Foam Crib Mattress because it is very light weight which would be awesome for sheet changes.  But we won't splurge on that for sure.  I plan on just getting a mattress at Essex for cheap.  If this baby is anything like his big brother, he will just destroy the mattress by jumping anyhow.

Other than that it is all super small things like a car mirror since our monkey flew the coop when we got a new vehicle.  I didn't realize how much I used that thing until I had to drive my baby nephew an hour to my parents house and didn't have it.  Baby meds like gas drops and gripe water.   The almighty sound machine.  New pump parts.  Easy peasy.  It is a nice feeling to have everything the second time around for sure.

But on the other hand, it isn't nearly as much fun to prepare when I don't get to buy cute things.  I did buy a super plushy soft blanket for him that is all his own.  And the coming home outfit I mentioned.  I saved Kai's coming home outfit and packed it away to give to him (who won't care whatsoever if he is like Mr. Destructo) and his wife (who will care if she is like me haha) when he has a baby one day.
Destructo's coming home outfit minus the giraffe hat

 I plan on doing the same for newbie.  I have the little socks, hat, and blanket to match too.  I love this outfit!
Newbie's coming home outfit haha minus the hat
But what I am letting myself buy is different brands of cloth diapers to try on him.  All for your lovely blog readers.  Yep that is it.  I need to do more reviews and spread my wealth of knowledge.  Not my diaper addiction.  Not at all.  Does it make me pitiful to say I have a cloth diaper registry that I am buying diapers off of regularly?  It started as a way to track newborn diapers I would like to do a review on.  Then it became way too much fun to add all the cute diapers I don't own yet. Then I realized diapers are way too much like pogs were back in the day which morphed into bouncy balls or Care Bears or red rose tea sculptures.  I guess I just have an addictive personality.  

I still can't believe this baby will be here in less than nine weeks.  Nine sure isn't many.  Destructo is so excited.  He keeps telling the baby to grow faster so he can come out.   I sure hope he is this excited when he has a newborn baby brother dominating his momma's time and attention.  I need to get some pictures of him hugging my belly because that is a moment I hope to never forget.  He is just too sweet when he talks to the baby and tells him he loves him.  Or when the baby is kicking like crazy and making me uncomfortable he tells him calm down little baby.  So sweet.  Two boys.  I am in trouble.  :) 

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