Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Joys of Pregnancy

The joys of pregnancy.  I mean most people have heard of morning sickness, weight gain, bloating, mood swings, strange cravings even if they themselves have never been pregnant.  Movies portray those pregnancy stereotypes all the time.  But there are more joys of pregnancy that no one ever warns you about.  

Take for example something so simple as going to the bathroom.  You will either be doing this a lot more or not enough.  Yes my friend both constipation and diarrhea can be normal in pregnancy.  And if this isn't enough, you will pee a billionty times a day.  Heck you might even pee a billionty times an hour towards the end.  Especially if you have a son who thoroughly likes to sit/kick/poke your bladder.  ::glares at stomach::

Everything swells.  And I do mean everything.  Your fingers swell and you can't wear your rings anymore.  Your feet swell and you can't wear your shoes and our relegated to crocs.  Even your womanly bits can swell.  And for a first time mom, this can be a bit alarming.  Consider yourself forewarned.  It can be scary.  But apparently totally normal.

Headaches happen regularly.  You get skin like a teenage boy.  Heartburn causes you to throw up sometimes.  Ahh pregnancy.  

But on the other hand you can bond with and feel the baby moving.  I like this during the day and while the baby is still small enough to stay out of my ribs.  This baby is a mover at night though.  Some nights it keeps me awake.  I try to look at it like a bonding experience.  In reality, it just makes me sleepy.  

What can I say?  Pregnancy isn't really my thing.  It is a means to a baby for me and the end result is very worth it.  But I will say this pregnancy has been much better.  Watching Destructo bond with his unborn baby brother has been awesome.  He loves to lay his head on my belly and talk to the baby.  If Kai notices the baby is kicking me and making me uncomfortable, he will tell him "Baby stop kicking momma."  It melts my heart each and every time.  Or when he says I love you baby.  I melt.  Into a soppy emotional puddle.  I really hope that when the baby gets here, he still loves him this much!

Eh this wasn't exactly how this post was going to go.  Oh well.  Sleep deprivation due to being big like a whale and uncomfy at night does this to you.  I just know that I am trying to treasure this pregnancy more since it is my last one most likely.  And a lot of days, I can.  It truly is a miracle how a fully formed human being can develop from two single cells.  God is amazing.