Friday, January 24, 2014

Top Ten Dreaded Moments the Follow Up

For new readers, I did a post about the top ten moments I was dreading the most in relation to Destructo growing up way too quickly.  I wrote this post around Thanksgiving of 2012.  So weird looking back in that he has now met most of these moments.  At the time, it seemed like these milestones would make him so much less a baby and they did.  But he is still a baby in my eyes and I assume always will be.  Do your kids every really grow up or do you always see them as babies at least in your minds eye?

To follow up though:
1)  Destructo weaning-- He weaned about 2.5 months after I posted this.  I had a good cry fest on the couch when I realized he had weaned for sure.  He did ask to nurse one day about a month after and I distracted him because at that point I knew we were done.   We still have a very close bond and he loves to cuddle on the couch with me and read books in the same spot we used to nurse.  But he did seem so much bigger when he stopped nursing for sure.

2)  His first hair cut still makes me sad to think about.  He literally transformed from a baby to a toddler in a few scissor snips.  I am bad about letting his hair get too long still because he looks more babyish when it is long than he does right after.  He needs a hair
cut right now.  Ugh.

3)  Shortly after that post, Kai got his first real sickness.  He got an ear infection and ran a 104-105 fever for three days.  It was awful and he felt awful.  I felt so helpless to make him feel better.  We spent hours at night just rocking in the rocking chair since it seemed to help him feel better.  Since then he has had hand foot and mouth, RSV, parainfluenza, and a broken arm.  It is never fun to see your kiddo sick that is for sure.

4)  He still hasn't fully potty trained although he is fully day time potty trained.  Either way this one doesn't make me as sad anymore since I have newbie who is due in two months.  I will have at least a few more years of cloth diapering addiction to contend with.

5)  He still hasn't fully hit double digits in shoes.  He can wear some tens but is probably more a 9.5 right now.  This also doesn't make me as sad now.  The pencil marks on my wall showing his height each month make me more sad.

6)  Yeah 2T sounds big, but 3T pushing 4T sounds even bigger.  I think I will be the saddest when the T disappears all together.

7)  His Daniel Tiger love affair is still going strong.  He does have other shows he likes nearly as much, but Daniel still hold top place in his heart.  In fact, his sign of the cross goes "Fahdah, son, Daniel Tiger, holy ghost.  Amen"

8)  This still hasn't happened and I still get a little teary eyed when I think about it.  His bedroom is nearly done and he will probably be in it by the end of the weekend.  I can't picture not checking on him at night and looking down into the crib that I have looked down into for nearly three years.  Nor can I picture him having free roaming of the house.  Ugh.

9)  Destructo turned a month before he turned two.  When he broke his arm, it was so hard to get him in rear facing and he had started really protesting car rides a bit before that so we turned him.  I still kind of wish he was rear facing just because it really is safer.

10)  And apparently this one wasn't sad at all since I had totally forgotten he said nope nope.  He has a million other things he says now that are funny or adorable.  One thing that will be hard is when he quits calling yogurt laylay.  He can says yogurt properly but stubbornly sticks to lay lay.  Oh and blueberries are boodie boodies.  I will really miss those too.