Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 28: Eggplant

How far along: 28 weeks

Total weight gain:  I finally got a new scale!  Go me.  Aldi's had a really nice one for 16.99 and it actually has a setting where you can set your goal weight so once baby gets here I can start my quest to lose the baby weight (and jog with my new awesome stroller woot woot.)

 Maternity clothes:  Yeah New Year's was so frustrating just for the record.  It is so hard to put together a nice outfit when you feel like a whale and it is freezing cold out and all the nice maternity clothes you own are short sleeved.

 Stretch marks:  I have a few new ones on my hips.  Please please let me not get any on my belly again this time around.  Oh please.

 Sleep:   It has actually been decent this week until I got a sinus infection from my cold.  My head hurt so badly that it was hard to lay down and sleep but other than that I am only waking once or twice to pee amazingly enough.  

Best moment of this week: Finally getting to feel like more of a stay at home mom.  I am still working one day a week but I am finally getting the clutter tamed a bit.  Plus it is so nice to get to spend some extra time with Destructo.  It also snowed a dusting and it was so fun to see Kai getting to watch it out the window.  

 Miss anything:   Lunch meat this week.  Only because I have started making Mr. Destructo sandwiches for his work lunch to save money and live more on a budget.  

Movement:   Every day.  He isn't as active as his older brother except at night when he moves non stop.  My favorite times to feel him move are when he responds to Kai's voice talking to him.  I hope Kai still likes his brother this much once he is here.

Food cravings:  Still just milk.

Have you started to show yet:  Yeah it is very evident.

Gender: Bouncing baby boy. 

 Labor signs:   Braxton Hicks quite a bit. 

 Belly button in or out:  Out 

Wedding rings on or off: On although it is getting tight on certain days.

Happy or moody most of the time:   Very happy this week.  I really like being home with Destructo all day and finally feeling like there is a light at the end of the my house is a disaster all the time tunnel.