Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Carnival of Natural Mothering

This month's Carnival of Natural Mothering's topic is movement.
 Movement and being physically active is
very important in both mothers and in their kiddos.  Childhood obesity is so much more common than it was when I was growing up.  Kids prefer to play video games than to playing outside.

I encourage Destructo to be active by trying to allow for an hour a day to play outside.  He loves riding his balance bike. He has a Strider balance bike for anyone who has been considering it for their kiddo.  He went from barely being able to ride it being able to coast long distances in a few months time.  This is a great way for him to stay active.

He also has a scooter (Razor three wheel scooter) and outside riding toys.  His favorite is the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Pirate Ship.  I found a small slide/climbing structure thing for him as well for 15 bucks on craigslist.  Down the road, I would like to get a swing set for the kiddos.  We also have a pool which is great for burning energy in the summer months.

The more energy Destructo is allowed to burn, the happier I am honestly.  His behavior is so much better.  This becomes harder in the winter months.  We are lucky in that we live in a semi warm climate and get nice days regularly all throughout winter.  If is is 40 or above, we are outside.  But when we are inside, I have found a kids mini trampoline is a live saver.  Destructo got the Pure Fun Kids Mini Trampoline for Christmas and has loved it.  We also do dance parties to fast music, obstacle courses involving the trampoline and his kids tunnel.  He also likes to burn energy by "running the bases" around the living room rug.  He loves baseball already.

Once he is old enough, we plan on putting him in some sort of sport of his choosing.  They offer soccer and tball for three year olds here so come fall he will do one of those.  He really likes both so I am curious as to which one he will choose.  According to him, he really wants horse back riding lessons, but I think he is a bit young for that as well.

As for myself, I try to stay active by jogging.  Not now so much since I am huge and achy, but before I got pregnant I had done couch to 5K all the way through and tried to jog three times a week.  I even did one 5K race (and did fairly well.)  I plan on starting this back up once I am cleared to exercise after the baby comes.  It is ideal for me since I can take both kids with me so even if my hubby is out of town, it doesn't hinder me.  I also do stretching exercises/yoga at home.  But honestly chasing Destructo is enough to keep me quite active as it is haha.

What are ways you keep your kiddos active?

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  1. Oh my kids would LOVE a trampoline like that, Melissa. They currently use the couch and beds for their jumping routines. :) so fun!


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