Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life is Ironic

Life is full of irony.  I have a child that is as big a horse lover as I am/ was.  I dreamed of having this particular "brand" of child long before I was married or even really planning on having kids.  I was going to teach him or her to ride on my beloved mare Ellie.  (You can read a bit more about her here if you have never heard her mentioned before which is a likely case since I don't talk about her that much.)  The child I dreamed of would find riding a horse as natural as walking because they would have been doing it before they walked.  

Ellie was a hellion and a mischief maker.  She was super spirited, stubborn as they come, strong willed, and incredibly intelligent.  The irony of this isn't lost on me.  While I don't believe in reincarnation or anything like that, I swear to you I sometimes feel like I am raising Ellie in little boy form.  So many of Destructo's traits are things I have dealt with before in my wild child horse.  Irony.  

Bigger irony yet is the fact that while I have never really encouraged him to like horses and don't even really talk about it much since it just isn't that huge a part of my life anymore (and because it is still hard to talk about my horse without tearing up even almost five years later) he is obsessed.  He hauls them in his horse trailer, puts them in his toy barn (sending them to the barn without a trailer ride if they aren't "litening" haha.  He rides his Radio Flyer horse on springs every time we are at my parents.  Horses, horses, horses.  He is exactly the child I just dreamed of having.  

But the irony is that I don't have that mare to teach him to ride on.  Which means I will probably have to find a way to get him lessons once he is a bit bigger.  But I will do it because I would have loved to have had lessons as a child.  I mean I can still muck stalls and groom horses in exchange for lessons lol.  I am not that rusty.  But in the mean time until he is big enough for actual lessons, I am just going to make time to get him out to my college best friends house to ride her horses.  

It was in the 60's today and we did just that.  Yet more irony in the fact that while he rode her smaller, more tame horse Tonka he was fascinated with her big brown horsie Simba.  Simba the horse who was Ellie's best horsie buddy all while I was in college.  Simba the half crazy Half Arabian, quarter Thoroughbred, quarter quarter horse.  (If you don't know horses, just take it to mean crazy haha.  Love you Simmie.)  As we left, he said I loved riding horses momma but next time I wanna ride the big brown one.  Just like his mother.  The crazier the better.  I liked em feisty.  Maybe that is the concussions talking from being thrown off the feisty ones one too many times.  

Loving every minute of riding
Needless to say I have a horse loving child that is taking right after his momma.  It makes me proud.  You know except when it makes me cry.  Life is ironic.

Walking to the pasture to get the horses

Amazingly good form for a two year old