Monday, February 10, 2014

Pregnancy: Things to Buy

As everyone who reads here on a regular basis knows, pregnancy and I aren't exactly best friends.  I love the end result of pregnancy, but don't care for the process as much.  But over nearly two full pregnancies (gah I am 34 weeks on Wednesday 34 ahhh) I hve found a few items that I highly recommend to help soothe the aches and pains and pukes and heartburns of pregnancy.

This was the belly at 32 weeks pregnant

First off coconut oil.  This stuff is awesome for keeping itchy, stretched pregnancy skin moisturized (and a million other uses.)  I also use it as a hand lotion since my hands get dry from all the washing after peeing a bazillionty times a day.

Morning sickness is made better by jolly ranchers, ginger ale, unisom, and  vitamin b6.  I have a bunch of other suggestions in this post.  Oh and if morning sickness is interfering with taking prenatals, I highly recommend gummy prenatal vitamins.  I was always able to get these down no matter how icky I felt.

  Heartburn sucks.  I deal with it nearly daily not pregnant due to acid reflux.  I got a sample of  Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Heartburn Tea when I ordered a few cloth diapers.  Oh my gosh does this help.  I drink one or two cups a day and it has really made a difference.  Heck I even got my hubby drinking a glass before bed.  It tastes very mildly minty and seems to help more than anything else I have tried with the exception of papaya enzyme.  This stuff also really helps and I take it with every meal.

If you haven't already invested in a pregnancy pillow, run don't walk to the nearest store (or Amazon which has become my best friend here in late pregnancy no bra or shoes required) and get one.  This is the only way I get any sleep at night along with two other pillows strategically placed.  I have the Leachco Snoogle and really like it.  What is funny is that I slept on it one way while pregnant with Destructo and a totally different way this time around.

And finally, I highly recommend a birthing ball.  Even if you have no plans to go natural, this is great during pregnancy for rolling on and doing stretches on.  It has helped my chronic back problems immensely.  It can also be used to get your body ready for delivery.  I bounce on mine a lot.  Heck I even amuse Destructo with it.

Okay as I think of things I am missing as I go about my day, I will hop back on here and add them.  What things were necessary when you were pregnant?

Oh I thought of two more things.  Okay one was pointed out to me on the blog's Facebook wall but whatever.  Maternity yoga pants are the most comfortable thing ever to wear when you are pregnant (and then for the two years in between pregnancies.)  They sit below the belly which is awesome so nothing to make your belly even more itchy and are stretchy and comfy.

Carpal tunnel braces were also lifesavers in my first pregnancy.  I got pregnancy induced carpal tunnel really badly with Destructo.  Luckily I have only had it very mild this time.  But the first time I wore braces every night and sometimes all day on the bad days.  I was in so much pain and had trouble using my hands much.  It was even hard to pick up baby Destructo for the first few weeks.  Luckily the pain/numbness went away within about six weeks of his birth.

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