Monday, March 17, 2014

38 weeks, 5 days

I really don't have much time left.  I have all the baby stuff sitting at the front door ready to go.  I should just put it in the car, but I am hoping to maybe take the car and vacuum it inside tomorrow as it is filthy.  Brand new car and it looks like a gold fish, chicken nugget, toddler explosion has gone off in it.

My hospital bag is packed and ready to go in my closet complete with toiletries.  Kai's bag is more or less packed.  That one is kind of hard though since the weather is flip flopping violently between warm and cold.  I packed it for cool weather, but whoever takes him might have to repack.  Or maybe I will when I am in early labor and give myself something to do.  My other crap I can't pack until the last minute list is also made and on my night stand.  You know the important things like cell phone and charger and the almighty lap top.

Now if I could only figure out when to go to the hospital.  My labor with Destructo was so screwed up that I can't base anything on that.  If you haven't read my birth story with him, you can read it here.  I don't even really know what a contraction that isn't solely back labor feels like.  Plus he was malpositioned and this is what caused the failure to progress.  Thus far this baby is properly positioned.  (Please stay that way baby, please.)

So I can truly say I am more anxious about this birth than I was a first time mom.  Although I am much less anxious about breastfeeding and having a newborn again so I guess it balances out.  I keep having all kinds of delivering in the car or my bath tub or having to labor for a thousand hours horror scenarios going through my mind.  

For now, I am just focusing on getting done as much decluttering, cleaning, organizing my house as I can since I know it will be much tougher after I have a newborn and toddler running around.  I have made such great progress since I started staying at home.  My house hasn't been this clean in year.  

I am trying to spend as much fun time as I can with Destructo while I still can devote my undivided attention to him.  I will never again be able to dedicate my all to him (or any baby.)  Plus I figure getting him out now is good since I doubt we will get out as much when newbie gets here.

I am also bouncing on my birthing ball non stop.  Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce goes the pregnant lady.  Sitting on it and rolling on it really helps my aching back.  

I am quite excited though to see if this baby looks anything like Destructo did as a newborn.  And if he has hair or not.  What type of baby he is.  If he is a bit more calm than Captain Destructo.  Only time will tell.

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  1. Your last post was some time ago, if you went into labor I hope your birth was perfect! (Or at least more comfortable than the last!)


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