Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HUGE Rock-a-Bums Giveaway

You guys have got to check out the giveaway Rock-a-Bums is doing.  It would be an amazing thing to win for sure.  They are giving away a diaper stash of 9 covers, 18 inserts, and 60 hybrid inserts.  What is even cooler is that they are releasing their new prints.  Let me just say I am drooling over the rock star diaper print and am probably going to have to buy it for newbie.

I love these diapers just for the record. I reviewed a 1.0 here.  The 2.0 is very similar but even better if that is possible.  It has a new inner fabric that is hospital grade hypoallergenic and quick to wick away moisture.  There are now velcro options if velcro floats your boat.  But my favorite new feature is openings in the front and back to stuff/unstuff your diapers.  I love this so you have a which side is less poopie choice.
Check out all the new prints.  I pretty much need them all except for the purple one.

Go enter right now and you can win some!