Friday, March 7, 2014

I Finally Packed my Hospital Bag

Yeah it took me having contractions for two hours the other night to get me motivated to do this.  I can NOT remember what I packed with Destructo.  It is amazing what you forget in three short years.  So tell me oh wise ones, what should I pack in my hospital bag?

What I do have are a pair of yoga pants to wear home, a shirt that has the same colors in it as baby's coming home outfit, a robe, some other random clothes I might or might not wear including pajama pants and a tshirt.

I have sports bras for sleeping.  Heck I lived in cotton sports bras last time and never got the hang of 
wearing a nursing bra.  I am going to figure it out this time around haha.  Sports bras were fine for at home where I could just strip down, but made nursing in public a bit harder.

I have clothes for Mr. Destructo (although he packed these so if he doesn't have something not my fault hahahaha.)  I have hair ties in case I want to pull my hair back.  I have the camera and charger fully charged already.  I also have a brand new pack of cotton socks.  I went through so many pairs of socks while I was in the hospital last time that I just grabbed an entire new pack.

On the I can't pack it now because I need to use it list is:
my laptop and charger
my phone and charger
wallet, keys, all that crap
my pillow and blanket that I like
allergy meds
big brother pin I got for Destructo
baby boy doll I plan on giving Destructo (assuming I ever get around to buying one)
massage oil for rubbing my back during labor, toiletries such as my toothbrush, shampoo, razor etc

Okay so what else am I forgetting?