Saturday, March 1, 2014

I got my consignment on (and thought I would put myself into early labor)

Man after an hour of shopping and 45 minutes of standing in line to check out my back was killing me along with my feet.  I finally get in the car and have two such painful contractions I had to stop driving for a minute.  Luckily since I am only 36 1/2 weeks, it was nothing and I just got to deal with an aching back all night long.
Needless to say I am working on Destructo's 4T wardrobe.  He is pretty much good on 3T (and then some thanks to some super generous family who might all have a shopping addiction.)  Be in awe of my awesome deals. 

Tonka shirt 3 dollars

I totally didn't need this shirt but before I left Destructo requested excavator, train, dump truck, and fork lift shirts.  I saw this in a 3T and had to get it for him.  He made me wash it last night and hasn't taken it off since.  Three dollars well spent.

I also got a two shirt and shorts set that was so cute I had to get it even though it was 3T.  I try to keep what I spend on each item around 2 dollars unless it was something really great.  This fit the price tag haha.
Two shirts and shorts all from Gymboree 6 dollars

The other 3T outfit I got that wasn't/was needed was this one.  It is Jumping Beans brand which is Kohl's brand but it had a dump truck and said big bro.  I mean how perfect is that for Destructo?

By the time it is warm enough to wear this, it should be a true statement

Asics tennis shoes three dollars
This outfit is way past my two dollar limit but it looked brand new and both pieces were from Gymboree.  Of course it is a bit of a tease buying all these clothes when there is a fairly good chance Destructo will stay in 3T all summer since he typically grows out of clothes by height and length isn't as important in summer clothes.

Nine dollars

He is also now the proud owner of a U of M jersey.  I didn't buy it haha.  Monk and Grandmama did.  Go Blue!
Three dollars

These shorts were so cute and summery I had to get them even if they were three dollars.  I have to get him a cute polo or Hawaiin shirt to match them.

Two dollars for both pieces and the shorts are Carters .  Fourth of July here we come.
This outfit was only three bucks for both. The shorts are Gymboree.  I love that I can get Destructo Gymboree and other stores like that for dirt cheap.

Overall I was pretty darn happy with my purchases even though it was a rather disappointing sale overall with very little in clothes.  I hope I have better luck with the next few and can finish his summer wardrobe this year.