Thursday, March 20, 2014

I have curbside recycling!!!

Since we have lived in our house, I have wanted to have curbside recycling service.  Where we live you pay for trash pick up and the like.  It isn't provided by the city.  There are all different companies and they are all individually owned.

The recycling places where I could drop off were both 20 minutes away and not convenient at all.  I contended myself with bringing aluminum cans and plastic to work where they had recycling bins.  Bags and egg cartons went to the grocery store.  But I still wanted to do more.

When I quit my job to be a stay at home mom, it was making me crazy to throw everything away.  So I struck a deal with Mr. Destructo that I would go back to regular non organic milk and get recycling service.  It is 130 a year and they will pick up on my curb twice a month.  

I don't mind giving up the milk since Destructo is dairy sensitive anyways and doesn't drink cow's milk sticking with coconut milk or almond milk.  I like the way the organic milk from Aldi's tastes, but it isn't something I can live without since I don't really drink it either outside of pregnancy since I am also dairy sensitive.  The cost difference more than pays for my recycling.  

So right now I have three giant trash bags of recyclables laying around and can start keeping even more once I get the recycling can.  I can't wait.  If I can get my composter set up, I might be able to drastically reduce our trash going into the land fills.  Yay for positive changes.