Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 37: Winter Melon


What the heck is a winter melon?  Is it fruit or veggie?  Does it actually grow in the winter?

You hear that.  37 weeks.  Heck it will be 38 weeks on Wednesday.  That means I hit my due date in exactly 2 weeks and not quite 2 days.  Less than 16 days.  I had Destructo a day before my due date and went into labor with him 5 days before my due date.  Which if I did the same thing this time means I only have not quite 11 days.  That is just slightly more days than I have fingers and that isn't many.  Arggghhhhhhh.

How far along: 37 weeks. 

Total weight gain:  Up 27 pounds.  C25K here I come after this baby gets here.

 Maternity clothes:  Yes all of them.  But most don't fit.  

 Stretch marks:  They are all over my hips and butt.  Joy.  My belly is still spared.  Only a few more days to go.  

 Sleep:  I wake up every hour or at best two hours.  If it isn't to pee, it is because my hips and back get so achy I have to walk around.  And that is with Unisom.

Best moment of this week:  My mom coming over all day on Saturday to help me get some cleaning/decluttering/organizing done.  It is so nice to have a more organized than cluttered house.

Miss anything:  Sleeping more than a two hour stretch, being able to easily pick Kai up, not aching, lunch meat.

Movement:   Still fairly active.  

Food cravings:  Everything this week.  I am so very hungry.  I have been eating like crazy which doesn't help my acid reflux up.

Have you started to show yet:  Just all the showing in the world.  

Gender:  Baby boy who will probably never have a name.  

 Labor signs:  Lots of cramping.  And other gross things I won't mention to the general public.  But all these things happened in the week or so before Destructo was born.

 Belly button in or out:  Out yuck.  I actually don't think it can get any further out.  

Wedding rings on or off:  Off.  My hands are completely swollen and it makes dressing my kiddo hard. 

Happy or moody most of the time:   I swing wildly between all the emotions in the world.  I am happy that this pregnancy is coming to an end, sad that I will have to divide my attention between newbie and Destructo, dreadful of the sleep deprivation that is to come, scared that I am going to have a labor like I had with Destructo again, dreadful about the pain of beginning breastfeeding again, excited to meet the baby and introduce him to Kai.  It just goes on and on.