Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I am in Colic Hell

Just wanted to drop in and say I haven't forgotten all my awesome blog followers.  Nor have I abandoned the blog.  I am just residing in a hopefully short colic hell.  Things I have learned?  Bouncing a baby can be a way to get in shape after delivery.  Last time I weighed myself I was already down 20 pounds.  

Noise reducing headphones make the screams more bearable.

Family is invaluable since you just want to run away.

Having an awesome husband is the only reason I can get through this.  

My baby is awful cute during the daytime hours when he isn't screaming.

I promise eventually once this passes I will get back to blogging regularly.  I am trying out all different newborn cloth diapers to review.  There is a Moraki review and giveaway (hopefully this will be published in a week or so.)  I am working on trying out different cloth trainers as well.  So I am working on the blog all while never typing a word haha.