Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Love Affair with All in Two's

When I was a newbie to cloth diapering and still in the researching stage, I decided to go with pocket diapers.  I preferred all in ones for the easy factor, but they are typically pricier so I went with the middle ground route.  I got a full stash of pockets.  They go on like a disposable diaper.  I could stuff them ahead of time so that they were ready for caregivers.  They are a bit cheaper than all in ones.  You have the flexibility to stuff them more or less depending on what your baby needs.  And on and on and on.

What I didn't account for was how much I was going to like all in two's.  Well how did you even try an all in two if you had a full stash of pockets you might ask?  I have no clue.  I think it was the glowing adorableness that is a Grovia owl diaper.
I mean come on owls are adorable with their big eyes and hooty hoot self's.  
So I think what happened was I was "window" shopping at where else but  and saw the Grovia owl diaper and was like huh what a cool idea of being able to reuse the shell.  Hmm even though I have a full stash of diapers more diapers would be nice.  I could wash every third day and my diapers would get less wear therefore extending their life.  Must have the all in two's.  So a full stash of Grovias quickly wound up in my mailbox.  Ooops.

If you are curious about these Grovias I speak of, you can read the full review here.  I can say I would really like to try Best Bottoms sometime since you can wipe out those shells and reuse them whereas Grovias are a mesh type material and if they get poop on them, have to be washed.

Okay now that I have come clean with  my shopping addiction, you might ask why I like all in two's.

They are so easy.  You have a shell and an insert.  Snap in the insert and you have a diaper all ready.  No stuffing.  They are less bulky than pocket diapers which is nice to get pants to fit when you have a chunker.
Look at that chunker
They also take up far less room in your diaper bag.  You can get by with less diapers since you can reuse the shells for wet diapers.  They dry faster than all in ones but are as convenient as an all in one.  Most of them have hybrid options so you can use a disposable insert if you need to.  Overall I just really like this diapering system.  So their you have it.  My love affair with all in two's.  They are the first diaper I reach for and I get upset when I run out of inserts and have to resort to pockets.  I will say though that with Destructo they never worked for overnight as I couldn't get them absorbent enough even with the boosters in them.

If you have any interest in all in two's, click on the Kelly's Closet banner below and get shopping.  You will quickly be sucked into my torrid love affair and feel like you are cheating on your current diaper stash.